Clash Royale Executioner Decks and Strategy

The executioner was released in Clash Royale today and you guys are going to need some awesome executioner decks and strategy in order to use him effectively in Clash Royale! So today, Ill be sharing all of this with you, along with some great tips to better your gameplay with the executioner.

Clash Royale Executioner Decks Strategy

Executioner Overview

With its introduction into Clash Royale, the executioner has become the newest epic card and the newest card in Jungle Arena. He will cost 5 elixir to play, not bad for the value that he brings.

The executioner acts as a boomeranger, throwing his axe down and back 7 tiles. Since it comes back to him, his axe deals damage twice! This damage can kill both air and ground units, making the executioner the perfect card to take out swarm cards such as the minion horde and skeleton army. However, he is much weaker against one unit, tanky units.


The executioner is a medium speed, medium price, medium HP, and medium DPS card! Here are the stats for a level 4, tournament level exectuioner.

  • Hit Speed: 2.4 seconds
  • Speed: Medium
  • Hitpoints: 1010
  • DPS: 58 x2

What does this all mean? Well the executioner will have about as many HPs as an ice golem and does a bit more damage as a bowler. Not too bad for a 5 elixir troop that can kill air units!

Great with Splash Damage

The best part about the executioner is definitely that he can kill swarm units. Because his axe comes back to return to him, it is able to take two shots at a unit. Combine this with a splash radius and you have the making of the anti-zap bait deck!

This makes the executioner an expensive, but very effective, counter to skeleton army, since the skarmy practically lines up for the executioner kill!

Clash Royale Executioner vs Skeleton Army

Also, when the executioner is throwing his axe, you aren’t able to put any spam units on him to kill him. The axe will kill anything on top of the executioner, even if the executioner is throwing his axe away. Take this example with the minion horde:

Clash Royale Executioner vs Minion Horde

The blade is still coming back, but as soon as the minion horde was placed it took damage. This is because of the axe’s full range of damage. As soon as the axe returns, the minion horde will die.

Vulnerable Against Tanky Units

Since the executioner is so effective against cards like the skeleton army and minion horde, he must have a weakness of some sort. The biggest bad spot for the executioner is going up against high hit-point units or defenses. The cannon by itself is more than enough to take out the executioner:

Clash Royale Executioner vs Cannon

Along with every defense in the game, most big units are able to easily kill the executioner. Examples of positive elixir trade counters for the executioners are following.

  • Knight
  • Musketeer
  • Mini-P.E.K.K.A.
  • Mega Minion
  • Valkyrie
  • Lumberjack

Clash Royale Executioner vs Musketeer

So the executioner isn’t that hard to kill; remember he only has the health of an ice golem. Just make sure not to try and kill him with mass units!

Best Executioner Decks

Finally, we get to some of the best executioner decks in Clash Royale right now. These are still kind of risky as we haven’t seen how the executioner will actually play out within the meta of Clash Royale.

Giant-Executioner Deck:

Clash Royale Executioner Giant Deck

Elite Barbarians-Executioner Deck:

Clash Royale Executioner Elite Barbarians Deck

Executioner-Graveyard Deck:

Clash Royale Executioner Graveyard Deck

And that is all I’ve got for the executioner strategy and decks! Similar to a bowler, but with a few differences. Thanks a ton for reading and I hope that you guys can use these decks to the best of your ability… come back soon!

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