Clash Royale March 2017 Balance Changes Update LEAKED

Part of the newest update for Clash Royale in March 2017 has been leaked by a popular YouTuber and shared on Reddit! This part of the update, the balance changes that are updated in every new update, include some changes that definitely needed to happen in Clash Royale.

Clash Royale March 2017 Balance Changes Update LEAKED

Clash Royale March 2017 Balance Changes

So here are the balance changes that Clash Royale will be implementing the March 2017 update. Buffs are highlighted in red while nerfs are covered in blue.

  • Executioner: Range decreased by 0.5, Attack radius decreased by 10%
  • Pekka: Deploy time decreased to 1s
  • Dark Prince: HP increased by 5%
  • Witch: DPS increased by 6%
  • Skeletons: Spawns 4 Skeletons
  • Skeleton Army: Spawns 15 Skeletons
  • Poison: Duration decreased to 8s, DPS increased by 24%

Cards Being Nerfed

Now obviously the executioner is being nerfed as there have been complaints across Clash Royale at all arenas about how strong he is. Not too strong of a nerf, but it should be enough to make him not so powerful. Also, the skeleton army got a very small buff with one of the skeletons being removed. RIP LeDoot!

Cards Being Buffed

The first of the buffs, the pekka is an interesting one. Many people see the deploy time increase as a nerf because they can’t build up as much elixir, but having a faster spawn time makes him a solid counter for elite barbs and executioner. The dark prince and witch, both underused at the top levels are being buff a bit, the DP with hitpoints and the witch with DPS. Skeletons will return to 4, making it much more consistent with the skeleton army and hopefully a return to popularity. Lastly, we have the poison which basically gets a reduced duration to kill troops even faster…. should bring it back into prevalence.

So those are all the balance changes that have been for the March 2016 update! Personally, I think that they have a lot of great changes in there. Thanks a ton for reading and come back soon for more info on this new update.

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17 thoughts on “Clash Royale March 2017 Balance Changes Update LEAKED

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  3. They need that additional skeleton to make the one elixir worth it!
    The thing is, the one elixir skeletons used to counter the prince and both pekkas to a degree. The 3 skeletons didn’t do anywhere near enough if your opponent surprises you at all. I think the change is good.


  4. Even the buff of the PEKKA I still think giant and giant skeleton and golem is better as the giant and golem can reach the tower with only being distracted by building. Giant skeleton on the other hand can defend better as his bomb drop near the tower also both giant and giant skeleton were cheaper with only 5 and 6 elixir . Although golem is more expensive it can see clearly why golem cost 8 elixir while PEKKA cost 7


  5. What do you think about that PEKKA buff/nerf, would you like it? I thinks it’s gonna be OP now, since it can now work as a giant, just like MOLT said once, you can just place something in the back, and then just right before it crosses the bridge, be like PEKKA! And the guy is just wrecked. I think PEKKA-Witch will come to be a new meta, both are being buffed, so that might cause a problemo.


    • I think that we will see PEKKA become a better defensive troop, thus turning her into a better offensive troop through counter pushes. So yeah, expect to see some PEKKA witches!


    • It won’t be too op since it’s still easily distracted but it can be a lot tougher for the elite barbarians, battle ram and executioner


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