More (5) Deck Slots in Clash Royale June Update

The first sneak peek for the Clash Royale June update is here!  The first sneak peek is that there will be more deck slots for your decks. This is an awesome addition to the game quality wise and will be fresh for saving multiple decks you like to use.

Clash Royale 5 Deck Slots June Update

2 More Deck Slots in Clash Royale

So the overall amount of deck slots will be increased to 5 from 3. These extra two deck slots will unlock at level 8, as you need more decks  in order to save good tournament and challenge decks.

The new artwork for these 2 extra deck slots is unclear, but I’m sure that Clash Royale found a way to work it in so that it looks nice and flows with the artwork.

Bonus Sneak Peek Info

Along with the now 5 deck slots, Clash Royale also introduced a few more small changes in this sneak peek, as listed below.

  • Invite friends to your Clash Royale friends list
  • Invite friends directly to your clan
  • Clans now unlock at Level 1
  • Copy decks from TV Royale and shared replays

So that is going to wrap it up for the first sneak peek for this June 2017 update! It’s a really small sneak peek, but it is a critical one that will improve quality-of-life within Clash Royale. Thanks for reading, check back tomorrow for more sneak peek information for the June 2017 update in Clash Royale!

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