Deck Sharing and Free Epics in Shop! Sneak Peek #3

Sneak peek #3 for the Clash Royale October update is here, bringing with it easier deck sharing and a complete shop revamp, where you can get free epics and free chests in the shop now. Here’s all the updates from sneak peek #3 in Clash Royale!

Sneak Peek #3- Revamped Shop

Daily DealsNew Epic Shop Clash Royale October Update

  • Offers free gold and gems, free epics on Sunday, and buyable/free chests
  • Can’t buy single cards, only packs of cards
  • Every common card costs 10 gold
  • Every rare card costs 100 gold
  • Every epic card costs 1000 cold
  • Quantities of cards will change
  • Can also buy cards with gems instead of gold







Copy Decks Away from Game

  • You can share your deck to people outside of Clash Royale
  • You can copy decks not in the game (such as websites like this)

Share Decks Clash Royale October Update

So the sneak peek today was pretty small, signaling that the update is coming probably tomorrow or Sunday. I am super excited for this update and cannot wait until it drops. Thanks for reading and comment what feature you are most excited for in the October 2017 update!

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