Clash Royale 4 New Cards: Mega Knight, Skeleton Barrel, Flying Machine, Cannon Cart

The latest sneak peek for the Clash Royale June 2017 update announced that there would be 4 new cards added to Clash Royale, the Mega Knight, Skeleton Barrel, Flying Machine, and Cannon Cart. In this article, I’ll be going over all 4 new cards and what they will be in the game.

Clash Royale New Cards Skeleton Barrel Flying Machine Cannon Cart Mega Knight

Mega Knight

The first new troop for the Clash Royale update is the mega knight! The mega knight is the newest legendary card added into Clash Royale and is tied for the most expensive legendary at 7 elixir. Think of the mega knight as similar to a PEKKA.

Mega Knight New Troop Clash Royale Update

While the mega knight is very similar to the PEKKA, he has one HUGE difference! The mega knight will jump from target to target, dealing damage when he spawns and when he lands, sort of the the electro wizard. This is going to be one of the most powerful tank cards in Clash Royale, especially with the jump damage which is enough to take out a bomber with ease.

Skeleton Barrel

Next up, we have a common card that is similar to the popular goblin barrel! The skeleton barrel is a 3 elixir common card that will spawn 8 skeletons once it is over its point of impact. Kind of like an automatic graveyard!

Skeleton Barrel New Troop Clash Royale Update

While the skeleton barrel carries the goblin barrel name, it is more similar to a battle ram. The skeleton barrel will float across the arena, but it is able to take damage and be taken out before it hits the tower. Once it is destroyed or landed, the 8 skeletons will pop out. These will do a TON of damage and probably impact cycle decks a lot.

Flying Machine

The flying machine is a mix between a balloon and mega minion, shooting buildings and troops from a distance with its guns. The flying machine is a very modest 4 elixir and will be a rare card.

Flying Machine New Troop Clash Royale Update

The flying machine is still kind of unclear for me, but the best I can guess is it is sort of like a cannon in the air. It is pretty weak, being able to be taken out by a fireball, but this is a pretty unique card in Clash Royale. Look for this to be a huge part in LavaLoonion raids to take out any defensive units.

Cannon Cart

Troops from the Clash of Clans Builder Base are already coming into Clash Royale! The cannon card is going to be an epic card, making every rarity part of this Clash Royale update. It costs 5 elixir and will become a cannon once its shield is broken!

Cannon Cart New Troop Clash Royale Update

The cannon cart is also sort of confusing for me. Apparently, the wheels act as a sort of shield, just like the dark prince and guards. Once those wheels/shield is destroyed, the cannon will drop onto the ground where it dies. However, this card could be OP if you can get the cannon close enough to shoot your opponent’s tower. Protect the cannon cart=OP strategy???

That’s all the new cards and I think that Clash Royale has done an amazing job thinking up great new cards to add into the game. The update looks to come out soon, make sure to check back here everyday for more June update news!

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18 thoughts on “Clash Royale 4 New Cards: Mega Knight, Skeleton Barrel, Flying Machine, Cannon Cart

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  4. Skeleton Barrel is Builders Workshop
    Mega Knight is in Hog Mountain
    Flying Machine is in Jungle Arena
    Cannon Cart is Hog Mountain


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  8. Looking at the flying machine’s stats, I feel like it would be a bit overpowered. I bet a lot of these cards will only be available in arena 10, where there is currently only 1 card.


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