Builder Hall 5 Attack Strategy: Boxer Giants and Sneaky Archers

Boxer giants and sneaky archers are one of the best attack strategies at Builder Hall 5, being able to 2 and 3 star both BH5s and BH6s in versus battles! This strategy is one of the most powerful in all of Builder Base and today I’ll be teaching you how to win with this giant-archer combination at Builder Hall 5 in Clash of Clans!

Builder Hall 5 Strategy Giants and Archers Clash of Clans Builder Base

Analyze the Base Design

It is nearly impossible to write a BH5 attack strategy guide that works all the time because every base is different. There will definitely be some base designs that you are NOT able to beat. However, I can give you a few tips for analyzing a BH5 base layout that can help you turn the tide of the battle and pick up a few percentage points!

Clash of Clans BH5 Base Design Strategy

#1- Head for the Multi-Mortar: Whenever using giants and archers as an attack strategy, you almost always want to attack towards the multi-mortar first. When it isn’t taken out early in the battle, the multi-mortar can rain havoc on your archers, which are going to be the main damage dealers in this attack.

#2- Pick Off Any Outside Buildings: If there are any buildings on the outside of the base that aren’t defended, go ahead and place a single archer on them to pick up some percentage points (see army camps in example)

#3- Notice Areas that Could Host Mines: Mines can be extremely detrimental to your attack if your archers bunch up, so you want to make sure and try to either avoid areas that might have mines, or play a single giant early to bait out the hidden mines.

Once you have analyzed the base fully and decided where you will be attacking from (try to attack close to the MM), you are ready to begin your troop deployments! As predictable, we should start with the boxer giants first.

Have Giants Target the Multi-Mortar

Whenever you first place down your boxer giants, you want them to eventually (meaning soon) head towards the multi-mortar since that is the most deadly defense at BH5 (besides the crusher, but you’ll try to avoid that all together). Play your giants so that the pathing heads towards the multi-mortar at some point; there will surely be other defenses they will reach before the multi-mortar.

Clash of Clans Giants Attack Strategy Builder Base

Another key point here is that you want the multi-mortar to lock onto your giants. The boxer giants can easily take this damage, but your sneaky archers definitely can’t! These giants should soak up as much damage from as many defenses as possible, leaving your archers free to “sneak” in behind.

Battle Machine as Support

A huge advantage that you unlock for attacking at Builder Hall 5 in Builder Base is the battle machine. The battle machine is an absolute tank, having much more health than any level giant. You want to think of the battle machine as a much tankier Barbarian King, using him as a secondary tank to your giants. Now, the battle machine doesn’t target only defenses, which allows it to be more versatile and clear a path for your archers to walk through. Clash of Clans Battle Machine Attack Strategy Builder Base

If any defenses aren’t targeting your giants, you want them to be locked onto the battle machine since, as mentioned above, he has a crazy amount of health. A great way to get the battle machine into the core of the base is to have him be lured by the guard post troops. This will let the battle machine take out some of the higher HP defenses in the BH5 base. The key point here though is that you need to use him to SOAK damage!

Archers in for Extra Damage

Once you do get the boxer giants and battle machine in, you want to begin playing your archers to start raking the percentage points. In your primary placement, you want to spread about 2/3 of your archers in a solid line behind your battle machine and giants. This will allow them to take out a wide range of buildings without taking any damage from defenses.

Clash of Clans Archers Attack Strategy Builder Base

Ideally, you want these archers to be the ones that will take out the BH. However, sometimes they get to close to your giants, take multi-mortar fire, and get completely wiped out. That’s why you should save some of your archers as backup troops for your attack!

Archer Chip Damage

Now if all goes well in your attack, you won’t need to rely on these archers as much and can simply use them for chip damage around the base. Your boxer giants will take out a whole bunch of defenses, which you should take advantage of. If you don’t need them to take out the Builder Hall, play archers in the spaces that the defenses can no longer shoot, gaining even more percentage points, in what will hopefully result in a three star attack.

Clash of Clans Archers Attack Strategy Builder Base

Of course though, all doesn’t go to plan most of the time. If your giants or battle machine is still alive and can tank for your remaining archers, play them so that they head towards the Builder Hall. You always want to go for the two star over the high percentage one star because it gives you a higher chance to win the versus battle! Hopefully, if all goes right in your battle you will end up with a difficult-to-beat two or even three star!

That is going to completely wrap it up for this strategy guide covering the BH5 attack of boxer giants and sneaky archers in Clash of Clans! This strategy really is one of the best in all of Builder Base, so you should use it wisely in order to win these versus battles. Thanks for reading and comment below what strategy you use in the Clash of Clans Builder Base!

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  1. Nice tuto !! I feel. Inspired after reading it !!! What if we are using bombers as well in this attack strategy ?? Hoe to deploy them ???


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