Most Meta Deck #26: Mega Knight Hog Deck

The meta is always changing within Clash Royale and for the 26th time, we have the new best deck within Clash Royale! This deck is a mega knight hog deck, centered around having multiple ways to get damage on the tower. Here is some gameplay and strategy around the best deck in Clash Royale right now, a mega knight hog deck!

Mega Knight Hog Deck Overview

Mega Knight Hog Rider Deck Clash Royale

The mega knight-hog combination is how this deck really wins in Clash Royale. Using the hog, you can get down quick cycle pushes, while with the mega knight you can build up more beatdown pushes. Together, they both have great synergy so you can push with both cards. For offense, the hog rider is going to be your main calling card and will probably end up doing most of the damage to the tower. On the other hand, the mega knight will come in clutch on defense, as it lands with the force of a fireball! Use the mega knight wisely on defense as you can shut down entire pushes with just his deployment!

While you have more than enough on offense, you also have plenty of cards to defend with. To begin with, you can easily destroy tank cards with the inferno dragon, eliminating the threat from golems and giants. Ice golem is a great two way card, combining well with hog on offense, while also being able to distract cards on defense (namely splash cards like wizard and executioner). Goblin gang and bats are almost interchangeable, being able to alternate both to take down air troops and single shot ground units. With these 4 defensive cards, you should be able to defend most decks in Clash Royale!

To end our deck summary, we have two cards that are very important to the success of this mega knight hog deck on the ladder. The zap is going to be great as a staple spell, taking down any goblin gang and skeleton army that might be deployed to stop your two offensive cards. The poison acts as a stronger zap in this deck, covering a wide area around the tower so that no swarm troops can be deployed to slow down your MK or hog.

Alternating Hog and Mega Knight

The real key to this deck is alternating your hog and mega knight pushes to catch your opponent off guard. The difference between the slow, tanky mega knight and the quick hog are substantial, which can definitely shake things up on offense. The important part to note is that, for the most part, the mega knight and hog are countered by the same troops (inferno tower, skeleton army, etc.) In summary, this fact means that when your opponent plays their card to counter one, the other will be open for the tower. Let’s use the inferno tower as an example. Your opponent might play the defense as a quick counter to the hog rider.

Hog Rider vs Inferno Tower Clash Royale

Once the inferno tower is out of rotation, you are clear to go ahead and play your mega knight, since the inferno tower would be the primary defensive measure against it. Since the primary counter is gone, you are much more likely to get to the tower.

Mega Knight Deck Clash Royale

Poison Spell Placement

Playing your poison spell in the correct spot is critical for getting massive damage onto an arena tower. Like I said earlier, goblin gang and skeleton army are some of the most popular counters to both mega knight and hog. Therefore, when pushing with either MK or hog rider, you should place your poison as preparation to take out those two cards, as well as other popular cards like archers, goblins, and princess. Here’s the location that the poison spell will be most effective in.

Mega Knight Poison Deck Clash Royale

Inferno Dragon Against Tanks

Without a defensive building in this deck, the best option you have for defending against tanks is the inferno dragon. The inferno dragon is almost as powerful as the inferno tower, being able to kill giants and PEKKAs before they even get a hit on the tower. Just make sure to play the ID as soon as possible, AWAY from the bridge, so that it can start melting whatever tank is heading towards you.

Inferno Dragon vs Giant Clash Royale

Of course, be ready with another option to defend with in case your inferno dragon gets zapped or taken out by support troops. Most likely though, the inferno dragon will lead the charge to shut down the push.

Defending with Bats, Goblin Gang

In the case where the push isn’t large enough to defend with the inferno dragon or there is just a solitary troop crossing the bridge, you can use bats or the goblin gang to shut down whatever is heading your way. These two cards can be used practically interchangeably, with both doing the same jobs, but with bats costing 1 elixir left. If a musketeer is heading your way, play bats right at the bridge to take her out with the help of your arena tower.

Bats vs Musketeer Clash Royale

While bats are more than enough to do the job, the goblin gang can also put in the same effort and provide a bit of chip damage onto your opponent’s tower. It really just depends on what you have in rotation and what you want out of a brief counter push.

Goblin Gang vs Musketeer Clash Royale

And with that, we are going to wrap it up for this week’s edition of the most meta deck in Clash Royale! I hope that you guys enjoyed this article and can use this deck to help you win out there on the ladder. Thanks for reading and comment down below what deck you are currently using in Clash Royale!

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