Best Mega Knight Decks for Arenas 10+11

The mega knight challenge has ended in Clash Royale and now a whole bunch of players have unlocked the mega knight! If you were lucky enough to unlock the new mega knight, you need the best mega knight decks, in order to win with the mega knight in Clash Royale!

Best Mega Knight Decks All Arenas Clash Royale

Best Mega Knight Decks

Mega Knight Giant Deck

Mega Knight Giant Deck Clash Royale

While you already have a great tanking card in the mega knight, the giant doesn’t hurt to have in your deck either. You want to play this deck sort of like the classic giant-prince-poison deck, only with the mega knight acting as the prince. This mega knight giant deck is very expensive, which makes it necessary to bring the elixir pump so that you can afford to piece together big pushes towards the end of the battle. You also have plenty of support cards within this deck, with the electro-wizard and mega knight working well behind either the giant or the mega knight.

Mega Knight PEKKA Deck

Mega Knight PEKKA Deck Clash Royale

It has been said that there are only two direct counters to the mega knight, the PEKKA and itself. It that is indeed true, then you will be completely covered for going up against other mega knights. You can play the mega knight and PEKKA together, working sort of like double princes (one that does massive single shot damage and another that does area damage). Of course, you can’t win a battle with only two cards, so you have some great support cards in the electro-wizard and bats to help you out along the way with attacking and with defense.

Mega Knight Zap Bait Deck

Mega Knight Zap Bait Deck Clash Royale

Who would have ever thought that the mega knight would pair well with a zap bait deck? Well, it really does synergize quite nicely due to the mega knight’s ability to deal splash damage and tank. You can basically combine any of the cards in this deck (with the exception of the ice golem) with the mega knight to have a very good push. While the mega knight has mostly been offense in the last two decks, in this zap bait deck, it will take the forefront of defense, acting as your best counter to BIG units like the golem, giant, and PEKKA.

Mega Knight Hog Deck

Mega Knight Hog Deck Clash Royale

Last but not least, we have this awesome hog-electro wizard deck that features the mega knight! As we move into a new meta in Clash Royale, the hog is appearing at the top along with the mega knight. Combining the two of these is deadly, allowing you to do quick cycle pushes, along with slow build up pushes. You have two great flying support cards in this deck with the minions and bats, so you shouldn’t be troubled by air decks. The double zap spells will make inferno tower and inferno dragon go to shame against this hog mega knight deck!

These are 4 amazing decks that you can use the mega knight in to win in Clash Royale! The mega knight really is a great card, bordering on OP, so these decks should allow you to get many crowns and wins. That is going to wrap it up for our mega knight decks; thanks for reading and comment below what your impressions of the mega knight are!

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