EVERY Magic Item and How to Get Magic Items in CoC

Magical items were released in the December 2017 update to Clash of Clans. These are boosts for your village that can speed up your progress and finish upgrades in the form of a potion or book. Here’s how you can get magical items and every magic item in Clash of Clans!

Magic Items Clan Games Clash of Clans

How to Get Magic Items

Currently, the only way to get magic items in Clash of Clans is to win them through clan games. The higher tier of clan games you unlock, the better your magic items will be.

Potions are on the lowest tier of clan games, while books can be unlocked only through the higher tiers. This means that you need a heavily active clan if you are going to win the best magic items.

ALL Magic Items in Clash of Clans

Power Potion

Power Potion Magic Item Clash of Clans

While potions are definitely less powerful than books, they can still give you a huge advantage when it comes to advancing your base. Potions aren’t an autocompleter, but they give a solid boost to whatever aspect is boosted. In the case of the power potion, all of your troops and spells will be boosted up to the the maximum level that your laboratory allows for a whole hour. For example, if you are Town Hall 10 or 11 with level 5 barbarians, those barbarians would be boosted up to their max level allowed, level 7 for the duration of the spell. This magic item spell is extremely powerful and can boost your army up to your maxed out potential.

Resource Potion

Resource Potion Magic Item Clash of Clans

The key to collecting resources is not loot raiding, but instead using the resource potion. This magic item can boost all of your gold mines, elixir collectors, and dark elixir drills, allowing you to collect resources at an astounding rate! Even better than the 1 gem boosts!

Training Potion

Training Potion Magic Item Clash of Clans

Again, just like the other 2 potions, this magic item works as a boost in Clash of Clans, increasing the efficiency of all your army buildings, like the barracks, dark barracks, spell factory, dark spell factory, and all three heroes. If you are looking for time to get a lot of trophies or loot, use the training potion to power through a whole bunch of raids.

Book of Building

Book of Building Magic Item Clash of Clans

Books are a lot different than potions and are for the most part, considered a lot more powerful. Instead of providing a boost for your buildings, books can completely finish upgrades in both your home village and builder base. The book of building specifically focuses on upgrades that your builders/Master Builder are working on, stuff like barracks, defenses, and clan castles.

Book of Fighting

Book of Fighting Magic Item Clash of Clans

Laboratories are great ways to upgrade your army, but sometimes it takes up to 2 weeks to complete a single upgrade. With the book of fighting, you will instantly be able to complete any troop upgrade in your laboratory, whether it be hog rider, barbarians, or bowlers. No spells will work with the book of fighting though!

Book of Spells

Book of Spells Magic Item Clash of Clans

That’s where the book of spells comes into play! The book of spells will allow you to instantly complete any spell upgrade that is ongoing in the home village, regardless if it is a regular spell or a dark elixir spell. Make sure to get those rage, earthquake, and skeleton spells upgraded fast with this magic item!

Book of Heroes

Book of Heroes Magic Item Clash of Clans

The last thing that takes time to upgrade in Clash of Clash are the four heroes: barbarian king, archer queen, grand warden, and master builder. With the book of heroes, you won’t have to worry about going without heroes in wars or battling in versus battles without your master builder. Use this magic item to instantly complete any hero upgrade!

Book of Everything

Book of Everything Magic Item Clash of Clans

The book of everything is the most powerful magic item in all of Clash of Clans, allowing you to complete ANY upgrade in ANY base. With the book of everything, you can finish up your beta minions upgrade in builder base, or you can complete your wizard tower upgrade in the home village. Finish hero, troop, spell, or defense upgrades with this OP spell!

That’s all the magic items in Clash of Clans as of December 2017. The more you participate in clan games, the higher chance you have at unlocking more and better magic items. Thanks for reading and comment below which magic items you have unlocked so far!

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  1. “The key to collecting resources is not loot raiding, but instead using the resource potion” – er… no. The key is raiding. Raiding is way more efficient than just collecting your own resources.


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