Modern Royale Challenge LEAKED in Clash Royale

The next new special even challenge in Clash Royale will be the Modern Royale challenge! Modern Royale is the complete opposite of “Retro Royale“, with all the cards and spells that have been released since Clash Royale has been released globally. In the Modern Royale challenge, there will be no golem, hog rider, zap, fireball, giant, and knight, but all legendary cards will be available to play.

Modern Royale Challenge Clash Royale

Modern Royale Challenge Leaked

Here’s all the details regarding Modern Royale, thanks to WELLGAMER on Reddit.

Modern Royale Challenge Clash Royale

You might be wondering what cards you can and can’t use in this Modern Royale Challenge! Here are all the cards you can use in the new special event in Clash Royale.

Common Cards:

Ice Spirit, Fire Spirits, Bats, Goblin Gang, Skeleton Barrel, Royal Giant, Elite Barbarians,

Rare Cards:

Ice Golem, Mega Minion, Dart Goblin, Heal, Zappies, Battle Ram, Flying Machine, Furnace, Three Musketeers

Epic Cards:

Guards, Dark Prince, Poison, Bowler, Executioner, Cannon Cart, Tornado, Clone, Hunter

Legendary Cards:

Log, Ice Wizard, Princess, Miner, Royal Ghost, Inferno Dragon, Bandit, Electro-Wizard, Night Witch, Lumberjack, Lava Hound, Sparky, Mega Knight, Graveyard

With all those cards you should definitely be able to create a good deck for Modern Royale! I’ll be out later with the best decks for Modern Royale, so that you can get 12 wins! Thanks for reading and comment below what kind of deck you will be rocking in this challenge.

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