Lunar Clan Games Reward Tiers in Clash of Clans

The next clan games in Clash of Clans will be called the Lunar Clan Games and will last a week. Since these clan games are so long, you will get some awesome rewards from each reward tier! Here are the rewards from each tier for the Lunar Clan Games!

Lunar Clan Games Clash of Clans

Reward Tiers for Lunar Games

These Lunar Clan Games are the best clan games in Clash of Clans so far because they offer a magic item potion or book at every single tier you unlock. And, at the eighth tier, you can unlock the famous Book of Everything for the first time! Here’s the reward tiers for the Lunar Games!

Tier One: 1,500 Points

  • 1x Resource Potion
  • 10% of Treasury Gold
  • 10% of Treasury Elixir

Tier Two: 3,000 Points

  • 1x Training Potion
  • 15% of Treasury Gold
  • 15% of Treasury Elixir

Tier Three: 7,500 Points

  • 1x Power Potion
  • 20% of Treasury Elixir
  • 30 Gems

Tier Four: 12,000 Points

  • 1x Book of Spells
  • 25% of Treasury Dark Elixir
  • 25% of Treasury Elixir

Tier Five: 18,000 Points

  • 1x Resource Potion
  • 30% of Treasury Gold
  • 30% of Treasury Elixir

Tier Six: 30,000 Points

  • 1x Book of Building
  • 50% of Treasury Elixir
  • 60 Gems

Tier Seven: 50,000 Points

  • 1x Training Potion
  • 50% of Treasury Gold
  • 50% of Treasury Elixir

Tier Eight: 75,000 Points

  • 1x Book of Everything
  • 4x Training Potions
  • 50% of Treasury Gold

Those are all the reward tiers for these Lunar Games. I’m really excited and I hope that you guys can get to Tier Eight and get the Book of Everything. Thanks for reading and comment below what tier your clan is shooting for in these clan games!

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