Best Decks to Win the 2v2 Challenge in Clash Royale

The 2v2 challenge in Clash Royale is here and you are going to need to best decks for 2v2 in order to overcome your bad teammates and win this 9 win challenge! 2v2 decks are a lot different than 1v1 decks, since you need cards that have good synergy with other ones. Here are my best decks to win the 2v2 challenge in Clash Royale!

Best 2v2 Challenge Decks Clash Royale

Best Decks to Win the 2v2 Challenge

Before I start sharing these decks, here are a couple tips that will help you get to 9 wins, instead of going 0-3. As I said above, 2v2 is a lot different than 1v1 and shouldn’t be treated the same way.

  • Play with a clanmate- We have all had the curse of a bad teammate in touchdown or 2v2. It is much, MUCH smarter to play with a clanmate that you trust to make smart moves, as well as bring a reliable deck. Also, with a clanmate, you can match your decks up and talk about who can cover what defenses.
  • Always have a high damage spell- Since 2v2 gives you double as many troops, but not double health on the tower, it is always smart to bring either the rocket or the lightning in your deck. This way, if a tower is stalled with 1000 health, you can chip it down the old-fashioned way.
  • Communicate effectively- Whether it be hovering cards or using emotes to communicate your meaning, you need to have some way to talk to your teammate. If not, you will often be double logging a goblin barrel or playing two defenses against a golem. Make sure that your intentions are clear.

Now, after those highly helpful tips, let me give you three amazing decks to help you win this 2v2 challenge in Clash Royale! All three of these vary, so you can pick the one that most coordinates with the deck you usually use in 1v1.

Miner Executioner 2v2 Deck

Miner Executioner 2v2 Deck Clash Royale

Out of all the cards that you could possibly bring in 2v2, executioner is probably the strongest. He can take out whole swarms of units, which is especially great for 2v2. Also within this deck, you have some crucial units for 2v2, namely the rocket and knight, which can provide insane elixir value. You don’t really get a win condition within this 2v2 deck, which is why you need a teammate with some sort of win condition. Try to cycle through your skeletons and ice spirit to reach the rocket as many times as possible.

Golem Baby Dragon 2v2 Deck

Golem Baby Dragon 2v2 Deck Clash Royale

Heavy beatdown decks often work quite well in 2v2, which is why I have this golem beatdown deck for you. This deck would fair pretty well in 1v1 battle, but works even better in 2v2. With your teammate supporting your golem, you can easily end a tower with just one push. You also have great defensive troops with the minions and electro-wizard. If you can use your elixir pump as rocket bait, your opponent might have a card that can punish your opponents.

Hog Rider Executioner 2v2 Deck

Hog Executioner 2v2 Deck Clash Royale

Hog is one of the best win conditions in Clash Royale allowing you to get a quick bit of damage on the tower while usually making your opponents severely over counter. You also have the tornado and executioner in this deck, one of the best synergies in Clash Royale. This will work especially well against a big push. You don’t have any large spells in this deck, but poison can do a whole bunch of damage if applied over and over again. If your partner has a heavy deck, they will pair well!

So with one of these three 2v2 decks, you should be able to reach 9 wins (provided you have good partners!) This challenge should be a lot of fun and a mix up from the usual special events. Thanks for reading and comment below what deck you play in 2v2!

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