How to Win the 2v2 Clan Battle Chest

2v2 has finally arrived in Clash Royale and you guys need to know how to win the clan battle chest! These are the best tips, cards, and strategies to win the new 2v2 clan battle mode in Clash Royale!

Clash Royale 2v2 Clan Battle Mode

2v2 Clan Battle Overview

So 2v2 clan battles are the newest gamemode within Clash Royale. This was released in the March 2017 update, along with 4 new cards and the new legendary arena. Since there is 2 players on each side, the arena looks a little different than the classic 1v1 arenas.

Clash Royale 2v2 Clan Battle Mode

So there is a double king tower, since there are two players! This buffed up king’s tower has much more health and does a lot more damage per second than the original tower on the ladder and in challenges. Try not to activate it before you’ve taken down a tower! Besides the noticeable change in the king’s tower, nothing else is changed from the basic arenas.

So every other week the clan battle chest will replace the normal clan chest. Instead of crowns, the wins you get in your 2v2 battles count towards getting the chest. Instead of getting 1,600 crowns for the 10/10 chest, you only need 110 wins in 2v2 mode to unlock the 10/10 chest. Here are the wins to unlock each tier of the clan chest:

  • 1/10- 2 wins
  • 2/10- 4 wins (6 wins overall)
  • 3/10- 6 wins (12 wins overall)
  • 4/10- 8 wins (20)
  • 5/10- 10 wins (30)
  • 6/10- 12 wins (42)
  • 7/10- 14 wins (56)
  • 8/10- 16 wins (72)
  • 9/10- 18 wins (90)
  • 10/10- 20 wins (110)

This is basically all the background information behind these 2v2 clan battles, so let’s go ahead and move into some strategy about how to actually WIN the big chest!

Best Cards for 2v2 Clan Battles

So deciding what the best cards are for these 2v2 clan battles is quite difficult, because a lot of success is based upon what strategy your partner is bringing to the table. That makes creating decks that work consistently nearly impossible in this 2v2 mode. However, there are cards that will succeed in almost any deck or any play style! There are two types of cards that fit this bill.

  • Tanky, aggressive cards that do massive damage
  • Balanced, cheap support units

Here is a really good deck to run that features both types of these cards.

Clash Royale 2v2 Clan Battle Mode Best Decks

The royal giant and elite barbarians are two of the most powerful cards. Feel free to replace RG with golem for extra tankiness. The rocket is honestly the best card to have in these 2v2 battles. Why? With so much elixir coming in, your opponents often play a lot of cards right together, so you can make MASSIVE positive elixir trades. Zap and log are very good to have, since they can counter multiple troops and push combinations. Furnace is probably the best card to have since if you can get multiple ones down, it results in so much damage on your opponents tower. Graveyard is a strong card, the strongest at tournament standard, so having it will force your opponent to not play counter cards like minions and archers as much. Lastly, skeleton army is a great counter to almost anything, which you will definitely need.

Those are just a lot of cards that I have found work well throughout the 2v2 battles. Other cards that do well are golem, tombstone, fireball, mirror, goblin barrel, tornado and executioner. Find what works for you best and master it!

Strategies to Win 2v2 Clan Battles

Strategies for winning these clan battles work a lot like regular battles but with a few twist and key points to remember. Most of all, you want to work together with your partner to conquer. Here are some big tips that can help you out when you need it in these clan battles.

  • Don’t overextend- It might seem like you guys have infinite elixir, but don’t overextend one side or you WILL pay. I’ve found that pushing two lanes works super well.
  • Defense over offense- Playing defense is the way to go. From you defending, you can change all your defense troops into a big push while your opponents are low on elixir.
  • Spawners are KEY- Spawners can quite literally win you a game. Furnace being the best, but also have tombstone and gob hut helps keep pressure on your opponents along with providing support.
  • Take your time- After the first 2 minutes, don’t freak out if you guys are down a tower. One push can easily end the game, it’s just having the patience to get to that push.

Those are some really important tips for winning. However, the biggest tip is still to keep to help you guys win every clan battle…

Clash Royale 2v2 Clan Battle Mode

Communication is KEY

Out of every single special part of this new clan battle mode in Clash Royale, communication is the most important part of winning. There are several ways that you can communicate with your teammate without any words being exchanged. When you first get into a battle, your teammate’s deck will pop up, allowing you to know what they will be playing and the play style they are adapting.

Clash Royale 2v2 Clan Battle Mode

Now it is super easy to forget what cards your teammate is playing, so at any point in the game, if you hold his or her name in the bottom right of the screen, it will show you what is currently in their hand and help you plan your pushes or defense.

Clash Royale 2v2 Clan Battle Mode

So knowing what cards your teammate has is super important, but how do you know when and where they are going to get played? Also, how can you plan pushes together, instead of doing pushes completely by yourself?

When your opponent is about to play a card, you will be able to see what they are planning! Check it out:

Clash Royale 2v2 Clan Battle Mode

That little symbol right there shows what King Bacca is about to play. Now I know that he wants to play the goblin hut there and I can adjust accordingly to do what I want to. Communication is the best and most important part of winning 2v2. If you can figure out how your clanmate likes to play, its a huge step towards clan battle domination.

That’s all I’ve got for you guys today on clan battle but they are super awesome! Comment below what your view on clan battles are. Thanks for reading and I hope that you guys can kill it out there in the game!

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3 thoughts on “How to Win the 2v2 Clan Battle Chest

  1. Actually Royal giant is the weakest card in clan battle, the strongest card in clan battle have different role, these are the strongest offensive card:
    Elite barbarians
    Goblin barrel

    The strongest defensive cards are:
    Giant skeleton
    Inferno tower
    Skeleton army


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  3. Btw, there are changes except for the king – the Arena is 2 tiles larger so I’ve found out that if both players carry an xbow on one team, this can be very effective since it does double damage, has pretty much double health, and also both players can defend it. Besides, the xbow doesn’t reach the other side so it can’t be distracted by an ice golem going on the opposite bridge.


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