New Touchdown Mode | Gold and Gem Rush | New 2v2 Emotes

Clash Royale released their second sneak peek today, regarding a whole bunch of updates to challenges and gamemodes. First off, we have touchdown mode, the newest gamemode in Clash Royale. Also in the October update are gold and gem rush, new 2v2 emotes, and improved challenges!

Sneak Peek #2- New Gamemodes

Touchdown ModeTouchdown Mode Sneak Peek Clash Royale

  • Newest gamemode in Clash Royale
  • No towers, no river, no bridges
  • Score touchdowns by getting troops into your opponent’s endzone
  • First team to three touchdowns autowins, if not, most touchdowns after 3 minutes wins
  • If tied, goes to overtime, where first team to score a touchdown wins
  • Limited to 2v2 draft mode currently
  • Click here for more information on Touchdown mode







Gold and Gem Rush Events

Gold Gem Rush Event Sneak Peek Clash Royale

  • Events which you earn gold or gems from destroying an opponent’s tower
  • Earn more rewards for destroying the king tower
  • During event, towers will receive a golden skin
  • Only occurs in 1v1, not 2v2
  • Meant to hype up 1v1 more and give additional rewards to replace free chests










New 2v2 Emotes + 2v2 RematchNew 2v2 Emotes Sneak Peek Clash Royale

  • You can now rematch with your random partner for 2v2
  • In special challenges, you can 2v2 with a friend so you don’t risk losing the challenge because of bad teammates
  • Takes you to a 2v2 chat right after game ends
  • New chats for 2v2! New phrases include Sorry and Life is for Living
  • You can use these chats to BM your partner or strategize with him








New and Improved Challenges

New Challenges Sneak Peek Clash Royale

  • Brand new challenges, including touchdown challenges
  • Completely redesigned screen with a new look for challenges
  • Casual Challenges: You won’t lose after 3 losses, but keep playing until you get the wins required
  • Multi-Stage Challenges: You have to beat one part of the challenge in order to unlock the next
  • Mirror Challenges: Gives you (and your partner) and your opponent the exact same deck









So that is the full sneak peek #2 for the Clash Royale October update. Personally, I LOVE all of these changes, especially the new emotes that come from 2v2. I especially can’t wait to play Touchdown mode for the first time. Thanks for reading and comment below what challenge you are most excited for!

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