Best Town Hall 10 Base Design Layout: “Widespread”

Welcome to the ninth base of our weekly Clash of Clans series, featuring the best base design layouts for the home village and Builder Base. Today, our featured base layout is a TH10 design, that helps you protect your loot while farming! This base is the best to use for Town Hall 10 for farming! Welcome back to our Sunday series, and I hope you guys enjoy the base designs!

Town Hall 10 Farming Base Layout Clash of Clans

Best Town Hall 10 Base Design

When you unlock Town Hall 10, you get inferno towers which is an absolute huge advantage to you when defending your base. These inferno towers can shut down a whole array of strategies, depending on if you set them to multi or single target. Either way, we are going to play the inferno towers right in the core of this TH10 base layout, making sure that they can defend all strategies that might be attacking your base. Here’s the “Widespread” Town Hall 10 base layout!

TH10 Base Outline

Town Hall 10 Farming Base Layout Clash of Clans

TH10 Full Base

Town Hall 10 Farming Base Layout Clash of Clans

The number one reason a farming base is good relies on the location of the gold and elixir storages. Here, they rest as close to the core as can be, well protected by inferno towers, x-bows, and hidden teslas. This is one of the best farming bases for Town Hall 10, since the wide-open design allows for troops to head around the outside of the base, especially defensive seeking troops. In some cases, you also have your collectors deep in the base, in case you go AFK for a few days. Even for trophy pushing, opponents would be hard-pressed to beat this TH10 base design. The storages on the sides really protect any troops from reaching the core of the base, where your important buildings and defenses are housed. Remember, if your Town Hall falls, you lose 20% of all your resources. So if you are farming at Town Hall 10, go ahead and give Widespread a try!

That’s all for our ninth weekly installment of daily base designs. I hope that all of you TH10s out there can use this base to wide success, allowing you to defend your loot a lot better! If you want to see a base design for your BH or TH level, comment below which. Thanks for reading and come back soon for more Clash of Clans!

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