INSANE Mortar Cycle Deck for ALL Arenas

With the new balance changes, the meta is completely different than what it was just a few days ago. This mortar cycle deck is one of the best decks in Clash Royale, being extremely cheap and able to chip down the tower slowly. Here’s the full strategy and gameplay for this Clash Royale mortar cycle deck!

Mortar Cycle Deck Overview

Mortar Cycle Deck Clash Royale

The mortar, as the name of the deck might suggest, is the way that you win this game. The whole goal here is to have the mortar connect onto the tower. Even if you only get a few shots in a deployment, that’s more than enough, since you have the rocket once the tower health gets low enough. Deploy the mortar right at the bridge, protect it with support cards, and play your way to victory!

Of course, the mortar isn’t the only way that you are going to win this game. You have 4 great support/defense cards to help protect your mortar from whatever your opponent might throw at it. The knight is going to be the main tank card in this deck, helping you defend against any group troops that your opponent plays as a counter. The most versatile card is going to be the archers, which can take out any air or ground units. You also have the ice spirit in the deck to help cycle back to the mortar, as well as slow down any defensive troops of opponent’s. Lastly, we have bats, mostly to deal with any air troops. However, if you don’t want your troops to die, its smart to play bats against ground units. Use these four troops to defend your mortar to the death!

This mortar deck rocks the triple spells, with the rocket, log, and tornado all having amazing synergy with the mortar. The rocket is meant specifically for finishing towers off once the health gets low enough. The best part about the log is the pushback effect, which can knock troops away from your mortar if they get close enough. The tornado is the final spell here and it works great, especially if you pull troops back to the tower so the mortar can hit both at once!

Setting Up with the Mortar

The biggest key to winning with this deck is to set up well with the mortar. You have to get prime positioning so that it can connect with the tower, but you always need to be ready to defend it with your four support cards. The best location I would suggest is right in the middle of your half of the map. Being away from the bridge will make it a lot harder for any ground troops to access and destroy the mortar. However, it can still reach the tower despite being farther away.

Mortar Setup Push Clash Royale

Eventually, your opponent is going to try and counter the mortar. That’s why you’ve got to be ready to defend against any troops that might head your way. Your goal is to have the counter troops do as little damage as possible onto your mortar. This way it can stay up as long as possible and can as many hits as possible onto the tower.

Rocket Chip Damage

As I mentioned above, having the rocket is often pretty critical for you finishing off the arena tower and winning the game. With the tournament level damage being 432, two of these can almost finish a tower at 1000 health. As I say every time I mention a high damage spell in a deck guide, make sure you don’t rocket the tower alone, unless it is to win the game. Try to hit a troop or a building within range, then you’ll get maximum value for your 6 elixir.

Rocket Tower Clash Royale

Especially late game, the rocket can be invaluable to your arsenal. If the game is ever close, you’ll end up winning because all you will need to do is cycle your cards to your rocket.

Defending Cheaply

Since this deck has an overall average elixir cost of 3.0 (2.3 without the rocket), you are going to have to defend against any pushes with extremely cheap cards. But don’t worry, these cards are just about the best cheap cards for defense. The knight can tank a lot of splash damage while your cheaper and weaker cards clean up the push. Just play smart and don’t bunch your troops so that one spell can take everything out. Hint: the ice spirit is a GREAT card when it comes to playing defense

Bats vs Giant Clash Royale

As long as a wizard or executioner isn’t in the mix, bats are able to really rack up the damage. With an ice spirit, you are able to stop huge pushes in their tracks and give your units more time to finish them off. Again, just play smart and you’ll be able to defend against most decks, even a golem beatdown deck!

Tornado/Mortar Combination

While not quite as good as the tornado/executioner combination, you can still make some major splashes playing the tornado paired with the mortar. The reason why this combo works so well is because the tornado can pull troops away from the mortar and towards the tower. When troops that are supposed to be killing the mortar end up right next to the tower, the mortar is able to take them out, as well as get damage on the tower while its doing it!

Of course, these troops have to be ground units, otherwise the mortar won’t be able to kill them. Make sure the tornado is on the far side of the tower too, otherwise the troops being pulled won’t get close enough to the tower for the mortar to target it.

Mortar and Tornado Clash Royale

And with that, we are going to conclude this mortar cycle deck guide. This deck is really rising to the top of the meta, so you should begin to try and use it. Thanks for reading and comment below what deck you think is currently at the top of the meta!

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