How to Win the Magic Archer Draft Challenge

The magic archer is here in Clash Royale, looking super OP, and with the release of the magic archer comes the magic archer draft challenge! You need to be able to get 12 wins to unlock the magic archer, so we have strategy and the decks you should draft to WIN the magic archer challenge!

Magic Archer Draft Challenge Overview

The magic archer is the first draft challenge we have had in a while, and the first new troop challenge since the royal ghost mirror challenge back in December. As with all new card challenges, if you reach 12 wins, you will unlock the new card, in this case the magic archer! Of course, there are also other rewards along the way, as well as a chest for whatever win you finally end the challenge at. Here an overview of the rewards for the challenge!

Magic Archer Draft Challenge Clash Royale

Within the magic archer draft challenge, there are 6 one time rewards. Here’s each prize, as well as how many wins you need in order to unlock it!

  • 2 wins: 1,000 gold
  • 4 wins: 20 rare cards
  • 6 wins: 3,000 gold
  • 8 wins: 5 epic cards
  • 10 wins: 10,000 gold
  • 12 wins: Magic Archer legendary card

With those rewards, the magic archer draft challenge is definitely worth playing! Just by getting 8 wins you can get 4,000 gold (not including the chest) and 5 epic cards. However, you need to remember that this is a draft challenge and anything can happen since you aren’t bringing your own deck.

Magic Archer Draft Challenge Clash Royale

In case you don’t know anything about the magic archer, he is a hybrid between the executioner and princess in my opinion. He can shoot at a range of 7, which is almost at the bridge. His arrow pierces anything in the way of its direction, targeting both air and ground troops. For more information about the magic archer, click HERE.

Magic Archer Draft Challenge Strategy

Since you aren’t bringing your own magic archer deck, you are going to have to be very skilled in draft in order to win this challenge. Here are some helpful tips to help you reach 12 wins and unlock the magic archer!

  • Draft the fireball if possible- The fireball is going to be the best direct counter to the magic archer in this game. For four elixir you can get an even elixir trade and hopefully get damage to the tower as well.
  • Tornado has great synergy with the magic archer- Because the magic archer’s arrow can shoot through anything, you want as many troops in line as possible. The tornado can pull all troops together so that everything gets damaged.
  • Make sure to have a tank card- As with every draft mode, regardless if it is the magic archer draft challenge or not, you need to take a tank. Failure to do so could immediately make you lose.
  • Always choose the magic archer- There’s two advantages to choosing the magic archer. 1) You just need to play him since he’s a new card 🙂 2) Your opponent isn’t going to know how to effectively counter him yet.

With this strategy, you guys should all be able to make your way through the magic archer challenge with ease, hopefully being able to reach 12 wins and unlock the magic archer for yourself! I think that the magic archer will be an awesome new legendary card for Clash Royale. That’s going to do it for the article; thanks for reading and comment below what your thoughts on the magic archer are!

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