Clash Royale Card Popularity Trends (March 2018)

Welcome to a new Clash Royale monthly series, talking about which cards are most on the rise in Clash Royale as of March 2018. This card popularity trend article will be republished every couple of months to show which cards are popular and trending upwards, so that you know what meta to expect in March. These are the most popular and best cards in Clash Royale at the moment, so you should build a deck based around them!

Clash Royale March 2018 Card Popularity Trends

Clash Royale Card Trends


Prince Clash Royale

No surprise here that the prince checks in as one of the most on the rise cards in Clash Royale. Right now, the meta is revolving around the prince, although this is one of the most balanced metas we have seen in CR. Still, the prince has been dominant since December 2017 balance changes, becoming even stronger with the dark prince buff. With the giant and golem also being great win conditions in the meta, the prince can pair well with those from some strong beatdown pushes!

Suggested Decks: Giant Prince Beatdown, Golem Double Prince, Prince Bandit

Dark Prince

Dark Prince Clash Royale

Just like the prince, the dark prince has been rising through the ranks of the meta after a balance change, this one being the February 2018 balancing update. Right now, the dark prince is without a doubt one of the best cards in Clash Royale, fitting in with most decks, whether it be beatdown or control. Honestly, if there is a card to be nerfed, the dark prince would be right up there with the tornado, despite being buffed in the last balance changes.

Suggested Decks: Giant Prince Beatdown, Golem Double Prince, PEKKA Dark Prince


Clash Royale Mortar

Both the siege cards, mortar and x-bow are definitely on the come-up in Clash Royale, but I favor the mortar a bit over the x-bow. Since it only costs 4 elixir, the mortar can definitely be played with a lot more versatility. In fact, the mortar has transformed into a decent defensive card to rival the cannon. In both ladder and tournaments especially, the mortar is dominating by outcycling the opponent’s hand and allowing you to lock the mortar onto the arena tower.

Suggested Decks: Mortar Cycle, Mortar Hog Cycle

Flying Machine

Flying Machine Clash Royale

As I called in the most recent rare card rankings, the flying machine has been on the rise over the past couple months in Clash Royale. The range that the flying machine brings to the table is unbeatable, as well as the versatility that it can have in many different decks. The only issue right now with the flying machine is the popularity of fireball, but if fireball dies down, the flying machine will continue to rise. Pop this baby in behind a golem or giant and it can plow through any defensive cards!

Suggested Decks: Golem Beatdown, PEKKA Miner

Giant Skeleton

Giant Skeleton Clash Royale

And finally, we see the giant skeleton (FINALLY) hit the list of the rising meta cards. I am so happy to see the giant skeleton on the rise in Clash Royale, populating a lot of decks as a counterpush card. The giant skeleton is also bringing another off-meta card to the peak of Clash Royale in the form of the clone spell, which can double the giant skeleton damage on a tower. While the giant skeleton is mostly a win condition, let’s hope that it can turn into a great support unit in the future.

Suggested Decks: Giant Skeleton Three Musketeers, Giant Skeleton Clone

Those are 5 cards that are high on the rise right now in Clash Royale and that you should be using in order to win in March 2018 for Clash Royale. I hope that you guys enjoyed this article about card trends in Clash Royale! Thanks for reading and comment below what cards you think are on the rise in Clash Royale!

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8 thoughts on “Clash Royale Card Popularity Trends (March 2018)

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  2. Nice! I realized that people started to use Giant Skeleton bait deck! We’ll see how he progress through the meta, and decide if he’s truly balanced or not


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