Brawl Stars March 2018 Update LEAKED

Brawl Stars is having a massive update here before the game goes global, and the entire March 2018 update has been leaked. While there is no Android or global release, we will be getting landscape mode, a new upgrade system, and Brawl Stars quests coming soon!

Brawl Stars March 2018 Update Leaked

Brawl Stars March 2018 Update

Landscape Mode

The biggest update for this March 2018 update to Brawl Stars is going to be a change to landscape mode from portrait mode. This means that instead of your phone or tablet being rightside up (like Clash Royale), it will be turned sideways (like Clash of Clans). Here’s a view of the new Brawl Stars landscape mode.

Landscape Mode Brawl Stars March 2018 UpdateThis looks a lot different from the original Brawl Stars and will definitely be taking a bit of getting used to. However, this mode will apparently make it much more fluid to play and easier to use joystick mode in the long run. Speaking of joystick, here are some of the leaked changes that will be coming to Brawl Stars’ most popular gamemode.

New Joystick Features

The Brawl Stars team recognized that almost no one plays with tap mode, so they are completely doing away with that gamemode. Now, the only way to play Brawl Stars will be with joystick mode. With this, along with landscape mode, comes a completely new gameface with joystick mode. Here’s a look at the new joystick gameplay.

Landscape Mode Brawl Stars March 2018 Update

The movement joystick will be on the very left of the screen, with the new shooting or attack joystick on the right side. You can aim with the attack joystick, which means that it will be much more difficult to shoot since you’ll have to tap. You also will have your super ability right next to the attack joystick.

New Upgrade System

Despite just revamping the upgrade system within Brawl Stars, there is a new upgrade system leaked in the March Update. This new upgrade system will work similarly to Clash Royale, with you gaining power points to upgrade brawlers to new levels. There will be no more pins and medals, just power points to upgrade.

You can upgrade brawlers with gold, but there will be a new resource to unlock brawl boxes. If you can’t get enough power points to upgrade your brawlers, there will be power points available for purchase in the store.

New Upgrade System Brawl Stars March 2018 Update

Global Release

Unfortunately, we will not be seeing global release for Brawl Stars in the March 2018 update, but the Brawl Stars team said that it would be coming very soon with in the game. Hopefully we will see global release and Android release within the next two updates to Brawl Stars.

e-Sports and Quests

For the May or June update to Brawl Stars, the team indicated that e-sports and quests were being developed. Brawl Stars is a game made for e-sports, so having that in the game would be amazing. Quests would also work well, giving you another way to earn gold besides grinding out each new event.

Not a whole lot of new content in this update for Brawl Stars, but definitely some quality of life features that makes it so much closer to release globally. Thanks for reading and comment below what you think of Brawl Stars so far!

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