Trader in CoC: ALL Daily Discounts and Magic Items

The trader is here in Clash of Clans from the March 2018 update. The trader will give you new daily discounts every day, which is always a magic item that you can buy with gems. We are going to go over the trader and all the daily discounts that the trader can offer you in CoC!

Trader Clash of Clans March 2018 Update

Clash of Clans Trader Overview

Trader Free Daily Discount Offer Clash of Clans

The trader was just added in the March 2018 update as a way to get magic items outside of clan games. Every new day, the trader will offer you daily discounts in exchange for gems, or even give you some offers for free! Most of the deals will cost gems, but every so often, you will get a free training potion as a daily discount! Because of the free item, you should be checking the trader every morning when you log on, just so that you don’t miss the free item offered. This is a good way to build up your magic item stock without work in clan games.

Of course, you can’t predict when you will be getting these free magic items from the trader. The deals that he offers are completely random and vary from player to player each day. Another thing to keep in mind is that the magic items that you buy from the trader will exceed the cap set in your clan castle. You can buy as many deals as possible from the trader without losing them due to the cap!

Trader Outpost Clash of Clans March 2018 Update

Trader Daily Discounts

Now that we have overviewed the trader a little bit, let’s discuss the deals that he offers. There are 9 different magic items that the trader can offer, varying from free to 925 gems. Based on how much the magic item cost, you can kind of tell which magic items are better than the other ones! Here are all 9 offers, which tell you how many gems they cost, what you get, and if the offer is worth it!

Training Potion

The training potion is going to be the one potion that you can get for free from the trader. However, when it is not a free daily discount, the training potion will cost 25 gems. The training potion boosts the production of all of your barracks, spell factories, heroes for one hour. Since it is only 25 gems and boosting all of these separately would be more, its a good deal to buy the training potion!

Resource Potion

The resource potion is going to be a big gem increase from the training potion, costing 115 gems for just one resource potion. A resource potion will boost all your gold mines, elixir collectors, and dark elixir drills for one whole day. Personally, I would never buy a resource potion or boost your collectors since you can get loot from raiding. However, if you want to boost, it is much better to buy the resource potion than to boost all of your collectors separately.

Builder Potion

Taking another step up, the builder potion is going to take an outstanding 285 gems to buy from the trader. The builder potion is one of the newest magic items in CoC and will boost all your builders by 10x speed for 1 hour. Essentially, this is going to cut 9 hours off all of your upgrade times. Now obviously, the builder potion is going to be best when you have as many builders possible working, so don’t buy it unless you have all 5 of your builders upgrading something.

Power Potion

Our last potion up for purchase by the trader is the power potion which moves up all your troops to maxed level for your Town Hall level for ONE HOUR. With the power potion costing 300 gems, this daily discount is a complete ripoff. There is no reason to spend 300 gems to upgrade your troops a single level for just an hour. Avoid buying this one beyond a doubt.

Wall Rings

There are two different wall rings that you can buy from the trader, with one giving you 2 wall rings for 400 gems and the other giving you 5 wall rings for 900 gems. I would also avoid buying this trader deal. When you get to higher level walls, you’ll have to use more wall rings in order to upgrade that wall. To get a wall to level 12, you’ll have to use 5 rings. In other words, you’ll be spending 900 to upgrade one wall to level 12. Use those gems on resource potions or training potions to loot resources instead!

Book of Heroes

The book of heroes is going to cost significantly less than the other books, costing only 500 gems to instantly complete any one of your hero upgrades. Normally, finishing off your heroes when it takes 7 days costs 1000 gems, so you are getting it at half price. If you are thinking about gemming finished your heroes, definitely look to buy this book as it can cut down your upgrade costs significantly.

Book of Fighting, Spells, and Building

The final deal offered is the books of fighting, spells, or building. Instead of 500 gems, these books will cost 925 gems. To decide whether or not to buy these from the trader, you should consider how long the upgrade time is. For everything longer than 7 days in the home village or 3 days in the builder base, these books will cost less than gemming finished the upgrade. I wouldn’t recommend spending so many gems, but if you want to, this is the book you should buy.

So those are all of the daily discounts that the trader could offer you. Always be checking it, because you never know when a free magic item could be offered to you! Thanks for reading and comment below if you have bought anything from the trader in Clash of Clans yet!

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