Best Decks to Win the Pro Deck Challenge in Clash Royale

The Pro Deck Challenge is here in Clash Royale, giving 11 decks from different pros from Clash Royale e-sports. You have to use one of these YouTuber decks during this challenge, so here are the rankings of the best decks for the Pro Deck Challenge in Clash Royale!

Best Decks Pro Deck Challenge Clash Royale

Best Decks for the Pro Deck Challenge

The thing with this challenge is that since the decks are all used by pros, none of these decks are actually bad decks. So, you should be able to easily pull out a win in the Pro Deck Challenge if you pull the eleventh best deck. However, there is still a power ranking, which is below, ranked from 1 to 11!

#1- Loupanji’s Deck

Loupanji Deck Pro Deck Challenge Clash Royale

Without a doubt, this deck is currently one of the best decks in the meta. Remember though, depending on what deck you are comfortable with, the eleventh ranked deck could be just as good. However, the numbers are there for this giant-prince deck, with it having a 71% win rate on the ladder right now. Build up a good sized push with the giant and support with the magic archer and mega minion!

#2- Amaterasu’s Deck

Amaterasu Deck Pro Deck Challenge Clash Royale

Ever since the February 2018 balance changes went live, golem night witch has been absolutely killing it, for 1v1, 2v2, and in challenges. Tournament standard is going to be important for obvious reasons in this challenge, which the golem is one of the best cards to win with. Use the golem combined with the night witch and baby dragon to build a great beatdown deck and reign in the crowns.

#3- Coltonw83’s Deck

Coltonw83 Deck Pro Deck Challenge Clash Royale

Zap/log bait ALWAYS has been great in challenges and tournaments and there is no reason that will change in the Pro Deck Challenge. Since the zap can’t kill goblins, you can punish players with the goblin gang and goblin barrel if they waste their log. You can get some great chip damage with this deck, using the magic archer to line up to the tower, as well as the princess on the bridge.

#4- X-Bow Master’s Deck

X-Bow Master Deck Pro Deck Challenge Clash Royale

As I have said many, many times in the last few weeks, x-bow decks are definitely on the rise in Clash Royale. Of the two x-bow decks in the Pro Deck Challenge, I’m going to give this one the slight edge in the deck rankings. The tesla has really been strong lately, and having cheap defensive troops like archers and the ice golem will make it pretty simple to protect your x-bow.

#5- Music Master’s Deck

Music Master Deck Pro Deck Challenge Clash Royale

Music Master’s x-bow deck is going to rank right behind X-Bow Master’s deck, but it is still an amazing deck to be using in the Pro Deck Challenge. You are going to have a variant deck here, featuring the elixir collector as a bit of a strange addition to an x-bow deck, but it should work fine, seeing as there is no rockets in any of the decks. Just be prepared to spam in troops around your x-bow!

#6- Berin’s Deck

Berin Deck Pro Deck Challenge Clash Royale

A very solid deck in this challenge will be a tradition hog executioner cycle deck from Berin. This deck, like a lot of the decks in the Pro Deck Challenge, features the tornado and prince. Between the hog, prince, and executioner, you should have more than enough tanky units to get some great damage on the tower. Just try to get the hog to the tower as much as possible and you’ll be fine.

#7- Fuchi’s Deck

Fuchi Deck Pro Deck Challenge Clash Royale

Even more than the last deck, this is going to be classic hog deck, rocking the traditional hog-ice golem-ice spirit combination for a whole bunch of freeze. Despite the cheap cost of this deck, you should be able to defend pretty well, with the inferno dragon to take down tanks and the guards and minions to help you defend against cheaper pushes.

#8- Electrify’s Deck

Electrify Deck Pro Deck Challenge Clash Royale

For the third consecutive time, we have a hog cycle deck, with absolutely no legendaries and only one epic card. That means that you should be able to practice with this deck before the Pro Deck Challenge starts. You really want to go fast with this deck, combining the hog with the goblins and ice spirit for a cheap pushes that should be connected to take down a tower.

#9- Adrian Pierda’s Deck

Adrian Piedra Deck Pro Deck Challenge Clash Royale

In this deck, we have the PEKKA and dark prince appearing for the first tie, forming a great epic card combo to help destroy towers together. For even more speed to add to the dark prince, we have the battle ram. For the most part, you want to build up a large push with the PEKKA, combine it with some support units and throw in a poison to clear away any defensive troops.

#10- Yao Yao’s Deck

Yao Yao Deck Pro Deck Challenge Clash Royale

Yao Yao’s deck is almost identical to Adrian Pierda’s deck, subbing in the bandit and minions for the ice spirit and mega minion. Personally, I think that the ice spirit works a bit better with this type of deck, which explains the ranking. Still though, this deck will work like a charm, having the same fundamentals as the previous deck. Practice PEKKA dark prince for a chance with two decks!

#11- Sergio Ramos’ Deck

Sergio Ramos Deck Pro Deck Challenge Clash Royale

Our final deck for the Pro Deck Challenge in Clash Royale is going to be a dark prince-royal ghost-battle ram deck, acting as a bit cheaper version of the previous two decks. The whole basis of this deck is around getting the dark prince and battle ram locked into the tower. You have the royal ghost and magic archer as two legendary cards to help get you a bit more damage as well.

Hopefully, you guys can all get 9 wins for this “practice challenge” for the 20 wins challenge that will be heading into Clash Royale soon. Everyone’s take on the meta varies differently, so go ahead and let me know what your rankings would be for the decks in the Pro Deck Challenge below. Thanks for reading and good luck in the challenge!

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11 thoughts on “Best Decks to Win the Pro Deck Challenge in Clash Royale

  1. The challenge is over and here’re the results (Win%)

    11. Electrify’s hog cycle deck
    10. Music Master’s X-Bow deck
    9. X-Bow Master’s X-Bow deck
    8. Berin’s Hod Executioner deck
    7. Fuchi’s classic Hog deck
    6. Coltonw83’s Prince bait deck
    5. Amaterasu’s Golem Night Witch beatdown deck
    4. Loupanji’s Giant Prince beatdown deck
    3. Sergio Ramos’s Dark Prince Bridge spam deck
    2. Adrian Pierda’s PEKKA Bridge spam deck
    1. Yao Yao’s PEKKA Bridge spam deck


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  3. Berin’s Deck has BOTH lightning and tornado, 2 of my most hated cards ever….. I thought this deck is going to made me rage very hard at first, but fortunately it turns out that it didn’t cause as much pain as I thought it would …… really glad lightning is off meta now, but I would prefer using Fireball or Rocket instead in this deck, these 2 are no doubt one of the best cards in the game


      • 4 wins, most of my wins are with the X-Bow, i never got the Golem unfortunately. i rejoined because I had a lot of fun with it


      • Yeah 10 gems isn’t too bad! Of course, its tough to win at the beginning because all the great players are still grinding it out.


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