Free to Play Hog Cycle Deck for Clash Royale

Free to play decks are often vary difficult to come across in Clash Royale, especially GOOD F2P decks! This hog cycle deck has no epic or legendary cards featured, which should make it much easier to upgrade to win battles in 1v1 and 2v2. Here’s the full strategy and guide behind this free to play hog cycle deck in Clash Royale!

Hog Cycle Deck Overview

Free to Play Hog Cycle Deck Clash Royale

The whole basis around this hog cycle deck is that it is extremely cheap to upgrade and collect cards for because it only has commons and rares, with 4 of each rarity. You can easily get this deck upgraded through constant requests.

With an overall average elixir cost of 2.6, this hog deck definitely qualifies as a cycle deck. Use your hog to get big damage onto the tower, while using your ice spirit, skeletons, and ice golem to cycle back to the hog quickly!

Roles of Each Card in the Deck


Hog Rider Clash Royale

Hog Rider

The hog rider is going to be the primary offensive card in this deck, dealing most of the damage onto the tower.

You want to use the hog rider as often as possible, trying to outcycle your opponent’s main counter to the hog. Try to get it down at least 6 times in a single game.

Always try to support the hog rider with extra troops in behind, like the ice spirit or the musketeer.

Ice Golem Clash Royale

Ice Golem

The ice golem is a great card as a mini-tank in front of the hog or for using as a cheap defensive card.

Play the ice golem right before you deploy the hog rider in order to provide additional tank support for the hog. A big plus also comes from the ice golem’s death damage, which is strong enough to kill skeletons.

Despite being a defensive-seeking troop, the ice golem is quite strong on defense, being able to kite units off to the side. The damage and slowing effect that he gives when dead can also be a great stall for cheap swarm units.

Musketeer Clash of Clans


The musketeer is going to be your most expensive support unit, used for offense and for defense.

Combined with the hog rider, the musketeer can wreck havoc on a defending player. For only 4 elixir, you get the ability to destroy most medium-elixir units, especially the executioner, wizard, and witch.

On defense, the musketeer is going to be critical. You are going to have to rely on her when going up against LavaLoon or other balloon decks. She is great to destroy support units behind a tank card.

Fireball Clash Royale


The fireball is going to be your biggest spell in this deck, taking out e-wiz, wizards, and musketeers.

The fireball is very important to the success of this deck, since it can give you much needed chip damage onto your opponent’s tower. Whenever a unit with the health of a musketeer is played near the tower, you should be fireballing it down!

Also, you can use this spell to take out support units behind a large push. If you are getting hit with a miner-minion horde combination, the fireball does a great job of ending that entire attack.

Zap Clash Royale


The zap is a lesser spell than the fireball, used to destroy swarm units.

Whenever, you play a hog down, solo or supported, you should have the zap hovering over. With a quick release, you can kill both the skeleton army and goblin gang without suffering much damage to the hog.

With the popularity of zap and log bait being so high, you definitely need to have one in your arsenal. The zap can go a long ways towards countering the goblin barrel and other cards while on defense.

Cannon Clash Royale


The cannon should be played in order to counter defensive seeking cards like the hog and giant.

Without a strong defensive troop in this hog cycle deck, you are going to have rely on the counter to counter tank cards. While definitely not as strong as the inferno, the cannon can help you take down tanks much easier.

Don’t be afraid to play the cannon against support units as well. At only three elixir, the cannon can often be a pretty nice positive elixir trade against cards that cost 5 elixir like the executioner.

Skeletons Clash Royale


The skeletons will be your cheap, one elixir cycle card in order to play easy defense.

Without the fourth skeleton, the skeletons card is definitely not as strong as it could, or should, be. In this deck, you are going to mostly use the skeletons to cycle back to your hog rider on offense.

However, the skeletons can still be a great one-elixir counter to a lot of different cards. Placed directly over an incoming troop, the card will have to take 3 shots to kill them all. Doesn’t hurt throwing these guys in against a large push too.

Different Offensive Pushes

Ice Golem-Hog: One of the most popular pushes with this deck combines the ice golem and hog for a cheap 6 elixir push that can often catch your opponent way off guard.

You should slide the ice golem in front in order to soak up all the damage. Send the hog in behind, whose fast speed will push the ice golem towards the tower quickly. The death of the ice golem will also kill any skeletons or bats used to defend against your hog.

Hog Musketeer: If you have a bit more elixir and want to put it into offense, try out a hog musketeer combination in order to have a bit more firepower on the tower.

The hog will move quickly, which leaves your musketeer free to defend against any defensive troops. The high damage from the musketeer will be able to cut down most support units that will be played against the hog rider.

Hog Ice Spirit: For the ultimate cheap cycle push, considered dropping just the hog rider and the ice spirit together in a 5 elixir push that can translate into a ton of damage.

Having the ice spirit in your deck gives you a 1.5 second freeze on anything that it jumps into. Since the hog’s hit speed is 1.6 seconds, this can mean an extra hit on the tower from the hog. Also, this can slow down any defense cards.

Defending against Popular Decks

X-Bow Siege Deck

X-Bow Master Deck Pro Deck Challenge Clash Royale

One of the hottest decks in Clash Royale at the moment is this x-bow siege deck, which the entire strategy relies on defending the x-bow at the bridge. To be honest, this is the deck that this free to play hog deck is weakest against. You are going to want to play either the ice spirit or the hog to soak up the damage from the x-bow, while a musketeer behind can take out the x-bow and support cards.

Log Bait Deck

Log Zap Bait 12 Win Challenge Deck

In general, you are going to want to rely on your zap, ice spirit, and skeletons to beat this deck. Most of the damage is going to come from the goblin barrel, which will do minimal damage after the zap hits it. You can vary between your skeletons and ice spirit in order to counter to rest of the troops that you would usually zap or log to destroy.

Giant Double Prince Deck

Giant Double Prince Deck Clash Royale

This giant double prince deck is another deck that this hog cycle deck is pretty weak against. However, by utilizing the cannon and the ice spirit well, you can usually shut this deck down well. The cannon is great for pulling the giant way away from the tower. If you have charging princes coming at you, the ice spirit will reset their charge and show everything down.

I hope that this guide gave you ample enough information about hw to win with this F2P hog cycle deck! If it didn’t make sure to comment below to tell us what else we could add to make these guides even better. Thanks for reading and come back soon for more awesome Clash Royale decks!

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