Best Royal Hogs Decks for All Arenas in Clash Royale

The royal hogs are one of the newest cards in Clash Royale, and you are going to need some of the best decks in order to use the royal hogs to the best of their ability. Here are some of the best royal hogs decks in Clash Royale, for all arenas that the royal hogs are unlocked for.

Royal Hogs Giant Snowball Decks Clash Royale

Best Royal Hogs Decks

Hog/Royal Hogs Cycle Deck

Royal Hogs Hog Deck Clash Royale

When royal hogs were first announced, everyone assumed that they would work great with the hog rider. With two completely different personalities, they synergize great as splash damage can’t counter the hog and single shot damage can’t counter the royal hogs. With a cheap cycle deck like this, it should be pretty easy to cycle past your opponent’s counters to both win conditions, leaving you open to dominate with whatever variety of hog you want!

Hog/Royal Hogs Cycle Deck #2

Hog Royal Hogs Cycle Deck Clash Royale

Another great double hog cycle deck is this one right here, even cheaper than the first one. This deck features the giant snowball instead of the usual zap, making for a third slowing card in this deck. You can combine any unit in this deck with the royal hogs for a killer push, making it tough for your opponent to counter. Use the ice golem, ice spirit, or giant snowball to slow down enemy troops for a second, in order for your hogs to get another hit on the tower!

Royal Hogs Mortar Deck

Royal Hogs Mortar Deck Clash Royale

The hog rider has absolutely amazing synergy with the mortar, so it should be too much of a surprise that the royal hogs do too. In this deck, you are playing with the last 3 cards Clash Royale released, with the royal hogs as your secondary win condition, rascals as your hard defensive counter, and the giant snowball as a cheap spell to knock out small troops. Use the log bait in this deck to dominate with the royal hogs, as the rascals and goblin gang are usually going to be logged back.

Hopefully with these decks, you should be able to utilize the newest win condition in Clash Royale, the royal hogs, to take you up in trophies. This is a really neat and unique card, and seems pretty good so far. Thanks for reading and comment below what you think about the royal hogs!

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