New Cards Leaked in Clash Royale June Update

New information has been leaked for the Clash Royale June update, including a whole bunch of new cards! The June 2018 update is soon, coming within the next week. Here’s all the leaked information we know about the June 2018 update for Clash Royale!

Clash Royale June 2018 Update

Clash Royale June Update Leaks

Thanks to Trapper 1000 on Reddit, we were able to compile all of the leaked information into one long list. This is everything Clash Royale announced in their Discord chat earlier today.

1) Update is this month, the aim is next week hopefully. It’s coming with balance changes, new cards (there is a new win-condition card!), there will be no epic or legendary cards this time around, quality of life changes.

2) Royal Giant buff is still on the line, could possibly happen next month with the next set of monthly balance changes. (yes, balance changes this month and again next month)

3) No plans for adding more deck slots or more chest slots, no spell reworks for now.

4) They are still undecided what’s the best approach to hero cards, since they are a big thing they don’t want to rush it.

5) There will be few Clan Wars improvements in this update, there will also be more gold added to the economy to help with the gold shortage issue that Clan Wars has exacerbated.

6) No new arena in this patch or a new loading screen, also a mortar “nerf” would be the RG buff.

7) They’ve been thinking of making clan wars chest a draft chest.

8) Lava golem isn’t a “thing” yet, it’s just a concept right now. They keep teasing with the chat with a pig emote, however.

9) No plans to add skins as of yet, but if they do it’d probably be for Hero cards.

10) The June update is going to be a medium one, they are also going to be opening a new position for another community manager in August.

11) Tim is the only community manager at the moment, his favourite card is ice spirit (he’s too cute and useful) and dislikes bomb tower the most, he also doesn’t speak Finnish. He also doesn’t want to mod the CR discord server, he’ll leave it to the current moderators.

12) A lava hound buff they are currently considering is a lava pup buff. Magic archer buff is not “on the line” and not “in queue’.

13) They saw CWA’s vid about Clash Royale’s future and liked it. Optional ads in the game are currently “not on the table”, they want to see how it works out for Brawl Stars first. “Talking about” challenge tickets just as Ash (CWA) suggested but not working on it currently.

14) If Royal Giant gets buffed then Elite Barbs could get buffed too, no plans at the moment though. Anything is possible.

15) “We perhaps made some mistakes with how fast Clans are able to progress through the Clan War Leagues :/” as a response to F2P player progression past silver. They are super aware of the situation though and will be making improvements/changes down the line.

16) “Watch TV Royale on Monday, by the way, TV Royale is the new Radio Royale, we’ve renamed it”. Also aiming to give the Clash Royale League better coverage.

17) The quality of life changes will be “quite a few” – for example leagues will have their season reset points changed. Nothing related to level caps however.

18) Gem rush is coming back at some point again.

19) “We want to add a system whereby we can switch the clan wars modes without a maintenance break, and can therefore switch them with each new Clan War Season. But with the time being we can’t do that, so we will switch them semi-periodically, like with next update!”

20) They also agree on more tournament standard modes in wars and aren’t satisfied with the current state of the game either.

What we can gather from this information is that there are going to be a couple of new cards in the June update, one hog related, and all will be either common or rare cards. Also, there will be a whole bunch of quality of life changes to clan wars, as well as the monthly balance changes.

This update seems like it is going to be a huge morale booster for Clash Royale. I can’t wait to see what other cards the team is able to add to the game during this update. Thanks for reading and comment below what you think about this leaked information!

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