Town Hall 12 Leaked Images for Clash of Clans

Several images have been leaked across Clash of Clans depicting Town Hall 12 and some of new buildings and upgrades that will be available alongside TH12. Remember, these images aren’t 100% confirmed, but chances are that these new buildings, along with Town Hall 12 for sure, will be coming in the CoC June 2018 update.

Town Hall 12 Leaked Images

First off, let’s take a look at the fully maxed out Town Hall 12. This level of your Town Hall is going to appear after 5 upgrades, during which the Giga Tesla will be able to do the most damage. Here’s the level 5 Town Hall 12 in Clash of Clans.

Town Hall 12 Leaked Clash of Clans

Also, thanks to Galadon Gaming, we can see all five levels of the Town Hall 12, with the lowest level having a weaker Giga Tesla and level 5 featuring the absolute best Giga Tesla. Remember, the HP and storages won’t increase as you upgrade TH12, only the level and damage of the Giga Tesla.

Town Hall 12 Upgrade Levels Clash of Clans

In this picture, the one at the top left is the level 1 Town Hall 12. From there, the top right is level 2, the bottom left is level 3, the bottom right is level 4, and the Town Hall in the middle is going to be the level 5, fully maxed TH12.

With the addition of Town Hall 12 into Clash of Clans, we are also going to get a new troop unlocked through the regular elixir barracks. Here’s what the new level 13 barracks will look when upgraded to unlock the elder dragon!

Level 13 Barracks Leaked Clash of Clans

At this point, Town Hall 12 should only be about a week away! I’ll try to seep you guys posted on any new sneak peeks that Clash of Clans releases regarding the June 2018 update in CoC. Thanks for reading and comment below what you think about the TH12 art, as well as the level 13 barracks!

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