Royal Recruits Release Date and Statistics

The newest Clash Royale card was confirmed today to be the royal recruits, 6 guard-like troops that are deployed in a straight line to completely add a new mechanic to Clash Royale. Here are the statistics and the release date for the newest card in Clash Royale, the royal recruits!

Royal Recruits New Card Clash Royale

Royal Recruits Statistics

As I mentioned above, the royal recruits are a lot like guards, having shields you have to break and being a swarm unit with many of the same troop. In fact, some of the royal recruits statistics match up similarly to the guards. Here are the stats for the royal recruits at tournament standard, level 9!

Royal Recruits Statistics Clash Royale

As we usually do here at Clash for Dummies, let’s match up some of the key stats with how they compare with other cards in Clash Royale!

  • Damage per second: 75 (about equal to archers)
  • Hitpoints: 440 (a bit less than the magic archer) and 639 (equal to barbarians)
  • Hit speed: 1.2 seconds (equal to knight, miner, etc.)
  • Speed: Medium (equal to night witch, musketeer, etc.)

Hopefully those comparisons can help you figure out the use for royal recruits a little bit more. Upon first glance, I would say that royal recruits are going to be tankier guards, with double as many units!

Royal Recruits Release Date

So when are royal recruits going to first appear in Clash Royale? Well, if the typical release schedule is followed, we should see the royal recruits challenge in 5 days, on Monday, July 23rd. Two weeks after that, the royal recruits should be released across Clash Royale, on Monday, August 6th.

Royal Recruits Release Date Clash Royale

I’m a bit upset that it appears that there is going to be another spell bait card in the meta, but we will have to see exactly how it will fit into the meta in Clash Royale. Thanks for reading and comment below what your first impressions are of the royal recruits!

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