How to Win the Royal Recruits Challenge in Clash Royale

Royal recruits are the newest card in Clash Royale, spawning 6 guard like troops that should offer some great defensive value. In order to unlock the new card early, there is going to be a royal recruits challenge, where you can battle to get free royal recruits. Here is how you can win the royal recruits challenge in Clash Royale.

Royal Recruits Draft Challenge Clash Royale

Royal Recruits Challenge Overview

In order to win the royal recruits challenge, you are going to have to win 12 battles in order to win the entire challenge. However, you can unlock royal recruits with only 8 wins! Here’s all the rewards that are offered through the royal recruits challenge in Clash Royale!

Royal Recruits Challenge Rewards Clash Royale

So for the first 6 wins, you are able to win a bit of gold, and then after, you can win a lightning chest and packs of royal recruits. Here are all of the one-time rewards, as well as how many wins you need to unlock that prize!

  • 1 win: 500 gold
  • 2 wins: 1,000 gold
  • 3 wins: 1,500 gold
  • 4 wins: 2,000 gold
  • 5 wins: 2,500 gold
  • 6 wins: 3,000 gold
  • 8 wins: 10 royal recruits
  • 10 wins: Lightning chest
  • 12 wins: 800 royal recruits

Along with all of these one time rewards, you also will be receiving a challenge chest, which can offer you 11,000 gold and 550 cards at the top prize of 12 wins. With the 800 royal recruits you unlock for getting 12 wins, you’ll be able to upgrade the new card to level 9!

The unfortunate (or fortunate, depending on what game mode you excel at) part of this challenge is that the royal recruits challenge will be draft mode. This means that you can’t control what kind of deck you are playing with, only choosing four of your cards and giving four of your cards to your opponent.

Since it is draft, here are some tips and strategies for which cards you should draft for this new challenge and how you should counter the royal recruits when you inevitably play against them.

Strategies to Win the Royal Recruits Challenge

As with every new card, its unclear exactly how good the royal recruits are going to be in Clash Royale. However, due to their mechanic of deploying across the whole map, there’s a strong chance that the royal recruits are going to be a pretty powerful card in the upcoming meta, and especially in this challenge. Based on our best guesses, here are some strategies you can use to beat or play with the royal recruits.

  • DON’T draft single, powerful units: With the way royal recruits work, they will be able to absolutely dominate huge units like the giant skeleton and PEKKA. Try to stay away from being stuck with cards like these.
  • Log will be useless against the RR: The royal recruits have enough health to make log a non factor, except to knock off all of their shield. Because of the deployment though, log will only be able to hit 3 recruits, which isn’t enough to justify its use.
  • Draft the royal recruits as much as possible: As with most new units, you should always be drafting them in these types of challenges. Your opponent won’t be confident countering them as no one has played with them yet.
  • Splash units will be critical: Since royal recruits are the ultimate swarm card, splash units will be beyond important to countering the royal recruits. Always try to draft cards like the wizard, executioner, or valkyrie.
  • Play cheap cycle to pass RR: With a cost of 6 elixir, it is going to be tough to use the royal recruits to defend against cycle decks. The more often you play the hog and miner, the less often you will have to deal with the recruits!

With those tips, I hope that you guys can win the royal recruits challenge and unlock the royal recruits! This looks to be a meta changing defensive card, so learn how to play with it in this draft challenge. Thanks for reading and comment below what your opinion is on the royal recruits!

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