Royal Recruits Nerf Announced in Clash Royale!

Royal recruits, one of the strongest cards to ever be released in Clash Royale, will be receiving a nerf before the global release of the new card. Royal recruits have been ridiculously OP in Clash Royale, and needed this nerf, which will be an increase in cost from 6 elixir to 8 elixir.

New Royal Guards Card Clash Royale

Royal Recruits Nerf

Many players were complaining about how strong the royal recruits were and how they were breaking Clash Royale. Clash Royale listened, and yesterday, released this article on Reddit, explaining exactly where the royal recruits went wrong.

Today, the team finally announced that they would be increasing the cost of royal recruits to 8. They wanted to implement this change before the royal recruits chest and royal recruits challenge went live. This is great heads-up planning from the Clash Royale developers and I hope this is a stance they take from here on out.

So thankfully, the royal recruits will find it a bit harder to dominate the Clash Royale meta like it has been before. Clash Royale made a great call by deciding to nerf them and should make the game a bit healthier. Thanks for reading and comment below if you think this is the correct nerf!

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