Electro-Dragon CONFIRMED as New Clash Royale Card

The electro-dragon has officially been confirmed as the next Clash Royale card, coming just in time for Halloween. The baby electro dragon was leaked a week or so ago, but this time, the official Clash Royale has confirmed that the electro dragon will be the newest card added to Clash Royale!
Electro Dragon New Card Clash Royale

Electro-Dragon CONFIRMED

A week ago, this leak was announced in the Clash Royale Reddit, showing clear gameplay for the electro-dragon. With the inferno dragon and baby dragon already in Clash Royale, the electro-dragon makes sense! Here’s the tweet that Clash Royale sent out, confirming the new card as the baby electro dragon.

As a blue dragon, there is only so many different cards that this could be. Of course, with the electro dragon being added in Clash Royale at Town Hall 12, the electro dragon seems like the obvious choice to be the new card.

We know absolutely nothing about statistics and rarity right now. A lot depends on whether the new card is an electro-dragon or a baby electro-dragon. Regardless, I think that this will be a rare card in Electro Valley, since there are already two epic cards and two legendary cards. Stats-wise, as a full-size electro dragon, it will probably cost 5-6 elixir, but as a baby electro-dragon, it would cost more like 3-4 elixir.

Over the next few days, we should be finding out more and more about the new electro-dragon as Clash Royale releases information. I’m really excited about this new card and cannot wait to see exactly how it performs. Thanks for reading and comment below what you think about the electro dragon!

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