New Baby Electro-Dragon LEAKED in Clash Royale

A new card, the baby electro-dragon has been leaked in Clash Royale. With the goblin giant being the last card released, a new card should definitely be coming out soon, and that card appears to be the baby electro-dragon! Here’s everything we know about the baby electro-dragon!

Baby Electro Dragon Leaked Clash Royale New Card

Baby Electro-Dragon LEAKED

On Reddit, where most leaks occur, a video was taken showing the gameplay of the baby electro-dragon, which almost guarantees that this leak is legit. Here’s the leaked gameplay of the baby electro-dragon!

Based off of the video and the name, it appears like the baby electro-dragon will be a flying electro-wizard which shoots out zap. It is a little tough to tell, but appears like the baby electro-dragon will do limited splash damage, as shown when it takes on the minion horde. It seems like it will be a weaker card, which indicates it will probably cost 3-4 elixir. My guess is that it will fall in the rare or epic rarity.

That’s all we got on the baby electro-dragon right now, but hopefully, Clash Royale will feed us some more information soon. It appears almost certain that this will be the next card in Clash Royale, but again, this is a leak and isn’t official. Thanks for reading and comment below your first impression of the baby electro-dragon!

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