Best Electro Dragon Decks for All Arenas in Clash Royale

The electro dragon has been released in Clash Royale and it is super OP in the meta. Therefore, in order to take advantage of the electro-dragon, you are going to need the best electro dragon decks for ALL arenas in Clash Royale!

Electro Dragon New Card Clash Royale

Best Electro Dragon Decks

Because of the versatility of the electro dragon, there are a TON of different decks that the electro dragon can fit into. It is a great defensive card for huge beatdown pushes, but also works great on offense, which is why it is such a good card right now. Here’s four different archetype decks that the electro dragon is played in for Clash Royale!

LavaLoon Electro Dragon Deck

LavaLoon Electro Dragon Deck Clash Royale

Since it is a flying unit, it only makes sense that the electro dragon works in a LavaLoon deck. This one is played exactly like the classic LavaLoon decks, except you don’t have minions or minion horde to swarm troops. Instead, the electro dragon will be enough to take out all troops on defense. The triple attack makes sure that no troops can get past the tank and to the tower. From there, drop a lava hound in front of it and absolutely dominate whatever is coming to you.

PEKKA Electro Dragon DeckPEKKA Electro Dragon Deck Clash Royale

I don’t think there has ever been a point in this meta where this deck, featuring the PEKKA and battle ram, has been so strong. The dart goblin is also on the rise big-time, making this possibly the strongest deck in the new Clash Royale meta. If you can put a PEKKA down and then support it with the dart goblin and electro dragon, you will have an unstoppable push heading towards your opponent. The best way to play this deck is with counter pushes, so make sure you have 7 elixir for the PEKKA!

Golem Beatdown Electro Dragon Deck

Golem Beatdown Electro Dragon Deck Clash Royale

In this deck, the electro dragon is going to replace the ever popular night witch, but that’s fine, because the electro dragon might be even stronger than the night witch in this deck. Obviously, you are going to play this like a classic golem beatdown deck, except you aren’t going to be as vulnerable to inferno dragon and tower. If you can get a golem down, supported with mega minion/baby dragon, as well as the electro dragon, it is going to be near impossible to stop that push.

Hog Cycle Electro Dragon Deck

Hog Cycle Electro Dragon Deck Clash Royale

If you haven’t been following the trend, the barbarian barrel is one of the strongest spells in Clash Royale right now. Combined with the electro dragon, one of the strongest support units in Clash Royale and this deck can dominate. Cycle the hog as much as possible and use the electro dragon and ice wizard on defense. Solo hogs are definitely a good play with this deck once you get an elixir advantage, but you can also throw in the electro dragon for a stronger option.

With those four decks, you should be able to dominate the meta in Clash Royale. Use the electro dragon now, before it gets a nerf in the next balance changes! Thanks for reading and comment below what you think about the electro dragon!

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