Fisherman and Flood in Clash Royale July 2019 Update

The Clash Royale July 2019 update is coming out soon and the first thing that we know about this new update is an apparent flood that is coming to all arenas. Here’s everything that we know about the flood coming in the Clash Royale July update

Flood in Next Update

There has long been speculation about a possible water card that uses the stream in the middle of the arena. However, it appears that there is going to be a whole bunch of new water cards after this update sneak peek video dropped.

First off, let’s talk about this so called ‘flood’. I feel like the flood is likely to be a one-time special event that will last about a week and have the arenas all covered in water. All the cards will be reworked slightly to make sense in water, instead of on the ground.

There is still so much up in the air about the flood, so let’s talk about something a bit more set in stone, the new legendary card that is coming in the July update. This legendary card should be the fish slapping Canadian known as “Fisherman” that is running around for the entire video.

New Legendary Card Clash Royale July Update

We know almost nothing about this new card, but I think we can assume that it is going to change some gameplay after its release. More about the Fisherman’s abilities and attack should be coming soon.

That’s all for the first sneak peek in the Clash Royale July 2019 update. This one looks to be a game-changing update, with a new legendary troop, a new arena, and whatever the “flood” brings. Thanks for reading and comment below what you think about what the flood might be!

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