Brawl Stars June 2019 Update Release Notes

The June 2019 update for Brawl Stars is here, featuring a new brawler named Tick, new star powers, and a whole lot more. Here’s everything that is coming in the new Brawl Stars update!

Brawl Stars June 2019 Update

Brawl Stars June Update

New Brawler – Tick

🏆Available in the Trophy Road for 4000 Trophies 🏆

– Main attack: Minimines

Tick’s main attack launches three mines that detonate on contact with an enemy or after a short delay

– Super Attack: Headfirst

Tick launches his head as a homing projectile that damages enemies in an area. The head can be destroyed before it reaches the target.

– Star Power: Well Oiled

Tick’s self-regeneration starts 2 seconds earlier

New Star Powers

Every Brawler is getting a new Star Power. They will be released throughout the summer, so stay tuned! You can only equip one Star Power at a time. They can be equipped on the Brawler selection screen or in the Main Menu. They are available in Brawl Boxes and Shop offers. Star Powers can now be selected in the Main Menu and Brawler Menu.

  • Shelly – Band-Aid: When Shelly falls below 40% health, she instantly returns to full health. Band-Aid recharges in 20.0 seconds

  • Nita – Hyper Bear: Nita’s bear attacks faster. The time between swipes is reduced by 50%

  • Colt – Magnum Special: Colt’s main attack range and bullet speed are increased by 11%

  • Bull – Tough Guy: When Bull falls below 40%, health he gains a shield that reduces all damage taken by 30%

  • Jessie – Shocky: Scrappy, the Turret, now shoots energy orbs that bounce between enemies

  • Brock – Rocket Number Four: Brock finally gains one more rocket, increasing his ammo capacity

  • Dynamike – Demolition: Adds +1000 damage to Mike’s Super

  • Bo – Snare a Bear: Instead of a knockback, Bo’s traps now stun the enemy for 2.0 seconds

  • El Primo – Meteor Rush: El Primo gains 32% speed boost for 5.0 seconds after using Super

  • Barley – Extra Noxious: Adds +140 damage per second to Barley’s attack

  • Poco – Screeching Solo: Poco’s Super now also hits enemies, dealing 1200 damage

  • Rosa – Thorny Gloves: Rosa’s punches gain +200 damage during her Super

  • Rico – Robo Retreat: When Rico falls below 40% health, he runs 34% faster

  • Darryl – Rolling Reload: When Darryl uses his Super, he reloads 3.0 ammo instantly

  • Penny – Balls of Fire: Cannonballs from Penny’s turret set the ground on fire for 3 seconds. Enemies in the burning area take 400 damage per second

  • Carl – Protective Pirouette: During Carl’s Super, all damage he receives is reduced by 30%

  • Piper – Snappy Sniping: When Piper hits an enemy (turrets and bots included) with her attack, she reloads 0.5 ammo instantly

  • Pam – Mama’s Squeeze: Healing turret now also damages enemies for 300 damage per second

  • Frank – Sponge: Frank gains +1000 health

  • Bibi – Batting Stance: When Bibi’s Homerun bar is fully charged, she shields herself from all damage by 30%

  • Mortis – Coiled Snake: Mortis gains a Dash Bar! His dash range is increased by 100% when the bar is fully charged. It takes 3.0 seconds for the bar to charge when Mortis has all three dashes ready

  • Tara – Healing Shade: Tara’s Super cracks open a dimensional portal! A shadowy version of Tara’s appears to heal Tara and her teammates

  • Gene – Pat on the Back: Hitting teammates with Gene’s Super now heals them for 2000 health

  • Spike – Curveball: Spikes from cactus grenade fly in a curving motion, making it easier to hit targets

  • Crow – Carrion Crow: Crow deals +100 damage with his attack and Super to targets (turrets and bots included) with 50% or less health

  • Leon – Invisiheal – Leon recovers 600 health per second while his Super is active

  • Tick – Automa-Tick Reload: Tick’s reload time is 15% shorter

Summer of Robots event (Coming soon)

  • New Main Menu Background

  • New Main Menu Music

  • Mecha Skins

  • Beach Environment (Brawl Ball, Heist and, Bounty)

New Skins (coming soon!)

  • Mecha Bo

  • Mecha Crow

  • Robo Mike

  • Robo Spike

  • Tara remodel

Star Points

Star Points are a new currency which you can use for exclusive items such as Star Skins (more items will come in the future). You get Star Points when you rank up your Brawler to ranks 10, 15 and 20 and at the end of every season (trophies that are lost are now converted to Star Points). Star Points will be given retroactively if you have already ranked up a Brawler

  • Trophy decay at the end of the season is now converted into Star Points (1 removed Trophy = 1 Star Point)

  • Star Points are also rewarded when achieving rank ups on Brawlers

    • Rank 10 = 100 Star Points

    • Rank 15 = 200 Star Points

    • Rank 20 = 300 Star Points

Star Skins – Exclusive Star Skins available for purchase with Star Points

  • Gold Mecha Crow – 50,000 Star Points

  • Night Mecha Crow – 10,000 Star Points

  • Gold Mecha Bo – 50,000 Star Points

  • Light Mecha Bo – 10,000 Star Points

  • Linebacker Bull – 2500 Star Points

  • Outlaw Colt – 500 Star Points

New Community Maps (and Map changes)

Gem Grab

  • Added: Acute Angle (new), Snake Cavern (new)

  • Removed: Stone Fort, Flooded Mine, Deep Siege


  • Added: Sandy Gems (new), Beachcombers (new), Hot Potato (aka Bone Tunnel)

  • Removed: Bridge Too Far, Twist and Shoot, Forks Out


  • Added: Sunstroke (new), Burning Sands (new), Shooting Star, Canal Grande

  • Removed: Bull Pen, Excel, Hideout, Dry Season.

Brawl Ball

  • Added: Beach Ball (new), Sunny Soccer (new)

  • Removed: Pinhole Punt, Sneaky Fields


  • Added: Mecha Match (new), Factory Rush (new)

  • Removed: Sparring Match, Bot Drop


  • Added: Cavern Churn

  • Removed: Passage

Game Balance

Players can now gain trophies more easily up to 500 Trophies on each of the Brawlers. Progress after 700 Trophies on a Brawler is now a bit more difficult

  • Penny Star Power Last Blast: Decreased amount of bombs from 6 to 4

  • Season Rewards now give Star Points instead of Tokens. You need to have at least one Brawler above 500 Trophies to receive Star Points at the end of a Season.


  • Siege now lasts a maximum of 2m 30s like other timed game modes

  • Siege has been rebalanced for the shorter duration

  • Rewards are now also similar to the other game modes to reflect the similar match duration


  • Increased Safe health from 40000 to 45000 (Heist games were shorter on average compared to other modes)


  • New Voice overs for Tara, Tick, and Bibi

  • The shop has been completely revamped

  • All Skins are now only available for purchase through the Shop Offers. They are no longer available on the Brawler Menu screens

  • Star Point offers are added into the shop

Bug Fixes

  • Bibi’s Bat’s face is back (iOS)

  • Carl’s eyes animation is fixed

  • Dynamike charges his Super if he hits 2 enemies with his Super again

There is A LOT coming in the June update, but everyone should be most excited for the new brawler Tick! Tick is going to be a combination of a lot of the brawlers already in Brawl Stars. Thanks for reading and comment below what you think of the June 2019 update to Brawl Stars!

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5 thoughts on “Brawl Stars June 2019 Update Release Notes

  1. True performance if the new star power is better than the old one

    Shelly: way better
    Nita: worse
    Colt: way better
    Bull: same
    Jessie: unreleased
    Brock: way better
    Dynamike: better
    Bo: unreleased
    Tick: unreleased
    El Primo: unreleased
    Barley: same
    Poco: better
    Rosa: worse
    Rico: better
    Darryl: way worse
    Penny: unreleased
    Carl: same
    Piper: unreleased
    Pam: slightly better
    Frank: better
    Bibi: unreleased
    Mortis: same
    Tara: way better
    Gene: unreleased
    Spike: slightly worse
    Crow: unreleased
    Leon: better


  2. How I feel about all brawlers’ new star power, if it’s better or worse than their old one

    Shelly: same
    Nita: better
    Colt: better
    Bull: same
    Jessie: worse
    Brock: way better
    Dynamike: worse
    Bo: better
    El Primo: way better
    Barley: Worse
    Poco: way better
    Rosa: better?
    Rico: way better
    Darryl: worse
    Penny: worse
    Carl: same?
    Piper: same
    Pam: worse
    Frank: better
    Bibi: same?
    Mortis: same
    Tara: way better
    Gene: way worse
    Spike: better
    Crow: better
    Leon: same?


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