Clash Royale September Update: Elixir Golem LEAKED

The first part of the Clash Royale September 2019 update has been released, with leaks such as the elixir monster being revealed and a new draft mode being shown. Here’s everything we know about the first part of the Clash Royale September update!

Clash Royale September Update

New Party Button

The first thing Clash Royale announced was the removal of the 2v2 button and instead, the insertion of the Party button!

Clash Royale Party Button Update

Inside the Party button will be every game mode you can play with other people, including the original 2v2. It seems as if there won’t be 3v3 yet, but we should see some special 2v2 challenges in the Party button!

New Draft Mode

Draft mode has been completely overhauled, with you now getting a choice of three cards instead of two.

Clash Royale New Draft Mode Update

Also, since there are now two extra cards, your opponent won’t get both. Instead, you will make 8 different choices in each battle; making it simpler to choose a deck that really works.

Elixir Monster Leaked

The newest card to Clash Royale has been leaked in this video, though it will surely be covered in the next version of TV Royale. The newest card is almost definitely going to be the ELIXIR MONSTER!

Clash Royale Elixir Monster Leaked Update

The elixir monster has been thrown around various Clash Royale outlets for a long time now, so it’s great to see it finally be added into Clash Royale. According to Seth, this new card will be low cost and powerful, but it comes with a twist. I cannot wait to see gameplay of the elixir monster soon!

Quality of Life Changes

In addition to all of these other bigger features, there are also several great quality of life changes that will be dropping with the September 2019 update.

  • New Tiebrakers: each tower will slowly lose health in overtime (basically whoever did the most damage will win)
  • Clan leader rotation: if a leader is inactive for 30 days, leadership will rotate to a co-leader.
  • Crown Rush: new 1v1 extra event which will give you double crowns
  • Transparent timer: you can finally see through the final 5 second countdown

Clash Royale September 2019 Update

This is a great start to the September 2019 update to Clash Royale and I cannot wait to see what else they have in store for us in future sneak peeks. There should be a bunch more news soon, so check back ASAP. Thanks for reading and comment below what you think of the elixir monster!

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