New Challenges LEAKED: Retro Royale, Insane Draft, Team Challenge

New special event challenges have been leaked in Clash Royale on Reddit! These new leaked challenges include “Retro Royale”, “Draft Mode Insane” and a team challenge. Let’s review all these new challenges and discuss what they might be!

Clash Royale New Challenges Retro Royale Insane Draft Mode Team Challenge Leaked

Retro Royale

Retro means throwback, so how can we have a retro royale when Clash Royale is only 1 years old? Well, since Clash Royale was released, a total of 28 cards have been added to the game. As the leak states, only the cards ORIGINALLY in Clash Royale would be available for battle during the Retro Royale challenge.

Clash Royale Retro Royale Leaked

Noticeable absenses from this challenge would be ALL legendary cards, the royal giant, elite barbarians, and furnace. It would be super interesting to see old meta rise up out of the ashes like old giant beatdown and hog trifecta. This will be a free special event, with the same rewards as a grand challenge.

Draft Mode: Insane

Draft mode insane is a combination of two special event: the draft challenge and the double elixir challenge! This will provide incentive to pick high elixir cards as part of your draft since you will have so much elixir coming in! This draft mode will cost 5 gems to enter and will yield the same results as a classic challenge. So for half the price, you can get the same rewards!

Clash Royale Draft Challenge Royal Giant Golem

Team Challenge

Lastly, we have the team challenge which is the most vague of the special events that were leaked. For these leaks, the person looks inside of the code of Clash Royale, but he couldn’t interpret exactly what this is. The one thing we know for certain? This will feature 2v2 mode which comes out on Friday!

Clash Royale 2v2 Mode Clan Battles March 2017 Update

What kind of challenge could be in the 2v2 mode though? Maybe it is just draft 2v2, or possibly a double elixir 2v2 challenge. This one will be the same as the insane draft mode challenge, costing 5 gems and offering the same rewards as a classic challenge.

So that is all the leaks that we have so far concerning these new special event challenges coming to Clash Royale! Personally, I think that these look awesome, especially Retro Royale. Thanks for reading and comment down below which leaked challenge looks the coolest to you!

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13 thoughts on “New Challenges LEAKED: Retro Royale, Insane Draft, Team Challenge

  1. I know a pretty good combo, if minion horde was always available, I will win. It got me to Arena 6 and then stopped working as I actually faced droppers. I don’t really ever use meta decks, except for when I get a chance in draft challenge for lava loon! It’s quite simple, very good bait deck, yet it’s a kinda expensive deck. No legendaries, too! Giant, barbarians, both minion cards, one of the two goblins, zap, arrows, and fireball all work, rage, skarmy! Just put giant in the back at 10 elixir, then when it gets to the bridge, skarmy, if they log, arrow, or zap, then minion horde+minions right away, and hope they don’t have mirror so rage! Their tower is usually done ASAP and then just keep on spamming random stuff. Not very hard at all. It’s totally a deck that makes a lot of people rage when they lose the first tower! Sometimes they just rage quit and I got free three crowns. And that’s the secret to how I have more three crown wins than my friends have wins! Almost 4/5 of all my wins are three crown wins, so ya.


    • Lol I have an arena 1 giant beatdown deck that got me to arena 6 at level 3 on my lowest level account. In a equal level friendly battle, I was able to beat a legend player with it. It has a counter to almost every card combo in the game. Giant, musk, valk, fireball, arrows, bomber, skeleton army, spear gobs.


  2. Wow, my arena 1 deck will dominate in the retro royale challenge. All of it’s cards existed from the start of the game, yet it was able to get me to arena 8!


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