New Arena LEAKED in Clash Royale Season 4

The Clash Royale Season 4 arena has been leaked, showing us a Halloween themed arena for what is sure to come in Season 4 for October. Here’s some images of the new arena along with what happened for the update leak!

New Arena Leaked

We all figured that the new arena for Season 4 would be Halloween themed, since Supercell games have a long history of including Halloween themes. In a tweet by community manager Seth about a new challenge, you can make out the new arena behind the cards being drafted.

New Arena Leaked Clash Royale

This arena looks absolutely awesome, being a purple elixir color with some pumpkins floating around to reinforce the Halloween theme. It looks a lot like Legendary Arena, just with another color scheme supporting Halloween.

I feel like there will also be a new card that is Halloween themed once we get into October. There is still a lot left in Season 3, so we have plenty of time to start guessing all the new Halloween gameplay that should be coming.

I’m super excited about the new arena and hope that you guys are starting to get stoked for Halloween in Clash Royale! The new arena looks super nice and should lead to a good month of gameplay. Thanks for reading and comment below what you think Halloween in Clash Royale will bring!

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