Clash Royale August/September 2017 Update LEAKED!

The newest Clash Royale update, presumably in either August or September 2017, has been leaked on Reddit! This new Clash Royale update will include new challenges and a new rarity even higher than the legendary rarity. Here are the full data mined notes for August/September Clash Royale update!

Clash Royale March 2017 Update FeaturesClash Royale August September 2017 Update Leaked

August/September Update Release Notes

  • Before 2017 Challenge: 1 free entry, 10 gems after, a challenge where you use cards that been released before 2017, for example no executioner, cannon cart, bandit or battle ram, just cards from 2016.
  • Max Level Challenge: 1 free entry, 50 gems after, a challenge where you make out a deck using max level cards, your king tower is capped down to level 9.
  • The Three Bridge Challenge: 1 free entry, 5 gems after, a challenge where there a third bridge that lead straight towards king tower.
  • Quadruple Elixir Challenge: 1 free entry 75 gems after, a challenge that produces 4x the regular Elixir which I think is coming after triple elixir challenge is released.
  • Dark Elixir Challenge: 1 free entry 10 gems, a challenge when you use dark elixir cards from Clash of Clans (minions, hog rider, valkyrie, golem, witch, lava hound, bowler).
  • 4 New Cards: Being tested out in game files, not sure what they are yet
  • New Rarity: A rarity even higher than legendary
  • Labyrinth Mode: A mode where ground troops will have to walk around walls
  • Sticky Mode: A mode where all troop speeds are slowed down by 35%
  • 2v2 Additions: 2v2 Leaderboard, 2v2 Arena, 2v2 Tournaments 
  • Card Market: You can sell cards, you can trade cards in your clan, you can auction off your cards and whoever spends the most coins or gems gets the card you auctioned
  • Clan Kicking: There is now a reason for being kicked provided by the leader, co-leaders, and elders
  • Mega Knight Nerf: Code for a nerf to the mega knight after release

So that is the whole data mined update list that should be coming soon to Clash Royale in the next update! Whether this update is in August or in September is still unclear, but it will be the next update. Personally, I really like the new challenges, especially the dark elixir challenge. Let me know what you think of this update in the comments below!

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