New Halloween Obstacle + Royal Ghosts Leaked in Clash of Clans

As Halloween approaches, Clash of Clans will have yet another October update, as they always do! This Halloween update will include a new Halloween seasonal obstacle (spooky tree?) and royal ghosts as a seasonal troop!

New Halloween Obstacle

The new Halloween obstacle looks absolutely amazing, probably being the best season obstacle to date. It appears to be a crooked tree with a spiderweb in the middle and a crow sitting on the top.New Halloween Obstacle Clash of Clans

There’s no word yet about the name of the new Halloween obstacle or when it will start spawning. We can expect this new tree to appear sometime in the next few days though.

Royal Ghosts

Royal ghosts were leaked a few days ago but it was only confirmed more today. The royal ghost will take up 8 housing space, target ground, and be a regular elixir troop. The biggest plus to using the royal ghost is that he will be able to go invisible for the first 12 seconds of deployment.

Royal Ghost Troop Clash of Clans Halloween Update

I’m really excited to see these new Halloween features added into Clash of Clans for October. Thanks for reading and comment below what you think about the new royal ghosts and “spooky tree”!

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