Royal Ghosts LEAKED in Clash of Clans October Update

A new troop, probably seasonal, has been leaked in the Clash of Clans October 2019 update! The new troop is going to be royal ghosts, which is yet another Clash Royale card that will be added to Clash of Clans. Royal ghosts fit in a Halloween theme super well!

Royal Ghosts LEAKED

In their announcement for the new Barbarian King skin for the October Season, the Skeleton King, in the video you can clearly see a new type of troop and it definitely looks like the royal ghost.

Royal Ghosts Leaked Clash of Clans October Update

Royal ghosts being added into Clash of Clans means a number of questions! How long will the invisibility last? What’s the health, DPS, and speed going to be? How much will it cost to train and how much housing space are they? All of these questions should be answered soon once Clash of Clans announces the royal ghosts into the game.

Some October update news should start coming in soon, not just for Clash of Clans but also Clash Royale as well. I’m super excited to see what these royal ghosts are about! Thanks for reading and comment below what you think about the royal ghosts!

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