Brawl Stars December 2019 Update Release Notes

The December 2019 update for Brawl Stars is here, bringing with it two new brawlers named Bea and Max, as well as a new gamemode and several new skins! Here’s everything that was added in the December 2019 update to Brawl Stars!

Brawl Stars December 2019 Update

Brawl Stars December Update


She’s a booksmart entomologist who uses her bee helper drones to gather samples for Rosa! Bee careful, because those drones are also sniper bullets!

  • Main Attack: Long-range sniper shot. Hitting an enemy Brawler with the first attack amplifies the next shot!
  • Super – Bee Swarm: Bea launches a swarm of bees at her enemies which damage on hit and slow them for 3 seconds
  • Star Power – Insta Beeload: Missing an amplified attack charges up another amplified attack
  • Star Power – Honey Coat (coming soon!): When taking lethal damage, survives with 1hp and becomes invincible for a moment once per respawn
MAX (Coming soon!)

She’s a super speedy, high-energy Brawler who shoots built-up static electricity from her wrist blaster!

  • Main Attack: Short burst of shots
  • Super: Adds an extra speed boost to Max and nearby friendly Brawlers for a short time
  • Star Power- Super Charged: Movement increases Super charge
  • Star Power- Run n’ Gun (coming soon!): Movement recharges main attack
  • Captain Carl – 150 Gems*
  • Corsair Colt – 150 Gems*
  • Pirate Poco – 80 Gems*
  • Lady Bug Bea – 30 Gems
  • GT Max – 30 Gems

*Seasonal Skins


New limited-time Brawlidays game mode! Steal presents from your opponents in this new 3v3 pirate paradise

  • Each team must defend their present while attempting to walk to the enemy base, steal a gift by walking over it, and deliver that gift back to their own base
  • Dropped presents are automatically returned to home base after a few seconds on the ground
  • Presents can be thrown by using the main attack (similar to Brawl Ball)
  • 2 Stolen presents are needed for the win!

In this new monthly challenge, everyone can battle for glory, awesome rewards, and the very best can earn a seat at the Brawl Stars Championship

  • Earn rewards for each win up to 15!
  • Players must have at least 800 Trophies to participate and games will use Friendly-rules (all Brawlers max). But be careful… three losses and you’re out!
  • New in-game environment – Darryl’s Ship!
  • Tons of new community-made maps!
  • Queue for group: Allows players to queue for a game room with matchmade teammates
  • Quick Chat: Allows you to communicate faster with your friends or randoms
  • Darryl now fires 5 shells instead of 4 but the damage has been reduced from 300 to 240 per shell. Total damage remains unchanged.
  • Added missing Leon Sally Super SFX
  • Fixed a bug that caused Tara’s Shade to get stuck into level corners.

I’m loving this update so far and hope that I can unlock Bea and eventually Max as soon as possible. Also, the new gamemode is a ton of fun, but kind of difficult to get 2 presents in. Thanks for reading and comment below what you think about this new update in Brawl Stars!

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