Brawl Stars January 2020 Update Release Notes

The Brawl Stars January 2020 update is live in game right now, bringing with it a new brawler named Mr. P, a new gamemode named Hot Zone, and many more skins. Here’s everything that was added in the January (Lunar New Year) update to Brawl Stars!

Brawl Stars January 2020 Update

Brawl Stars January Update

NEW BRAWLER – MR. P – Mr. P is a disgruntled luggage handler who angrily hurls suitcases at his opponents. His Super calls robotic porters to help him.

  • Main Attack – Your Suitcase Sir! – Fires a projectile that can jump over walls and enemies dealing area damage behind them after landing
  • Super Ability – P-Porters Attack! – Places a spawning station that spawns mini-penguins with a ranged attack. Only one mini penguin can be active at a time
  • Star Power – Handle With Care – Mr. P’s overstuffed suitcases bounce and burst even if they don’t hit a target or obstacle
  • Star Power – Tin Can – The robo-porters’ home base has +3000 more health


  • Hold a zone marked on the ground for 3 seconds to gain a point, the team with the most points in 2:00 wins!
  • Enemy brawlers in the zone prevent points from being gathered, and leaving the zone will interrupt receiving a point.
  • Last 30 seconds of a match gives double points!

LUNAR NEW YEAR! A brand new Arcade environment, evil robots, and more!

  • Virus 8-Bit – 300 Gems
  • Heroine Bibi – 150 Gems
  • Street Ninja Tara – 80 Gems


  • Cupid Piper – 150 Gems (Coming in Feb!)
  • Koala Nita – 80 Gems
  • Agent P – 30 Gems


  • Maximum losses increased from 3 → 4
  • Looking for Team feature now considers a player’s total trophies when forming a team
  • Fixed bug where players could not select 2nd Star Power
  • Duplicate Brawlers no longer allowed in matchmaking


  • New maps for the arcade environment!
  • Lonestar + Takedown have been removed


  • Bea – Decreased Honey Coat shield duration from 1s → 0.6s
  • Darryl – Decreased Steel Hoops shield duration from 3s → 2.5s
  • Max
    • Decreased Run n’ Gun efficiency by 25%
    • Increased Main Attack damage from 250 → 300
    • Super Ability’s speed boost granted to teammates who enter the radius within 1s (rather than instant)


  • Trophy Road buffs!
    • Compensation for previously collected rewards will be available for 7 days
  • New and improved Brawler screen
  • Double Token event now gives extra tokens for Rank Ups, and XP Level Ups
  • Improvements for joystick controls on tablets

This update is honestly one of the best that Brawl Stars has ever put out. The new Brawler screens are absolutely ridiculous and make the game look much better. Also Mr. P and the new gamemode are so much fun to play with! Thank you guys so much for reading and comment below what you like most about the new update!

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