Brawl Stars January 2020 Balance Changes

There’s been another round of balance changes to Brawl Stars, with brawlers such as Max being buffed, and brawlers like Bea and Darryl being nerfed. Here’s all the balance changes from the January 2020 balancing update to Brawl Stars!

Brawl Stars January 2020 Balance Changes Update

Brawl Stars January Balance Changes


  • Decreased Run & Gun efficiency by 25%
  • Increased main attack damage by 20%
  • Super’s speed boost granted to teammates who enter radius with 1 second


  • Decreased Honey Coat shield duration by 40%


  • Decreased Steel Hoops shield duration by 16.67%

This is an extremely small round of balance changes, and its weird because it mostly impacts star powers. I’m so happy to see Bea get a nerf, but I think her main attack needed a nerf too. Weird balance changes and Brawl Stars definitely left out a lot more they needed.

Let’s hope that the February balance changes are a little bit more extensive than this round. There is no update in February, so maybe the developer team is saving that instead of an update. Thanks for reading and comment below what you think about this balancing update!

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