Attack Strategies: Mass Dragons

Town Hall to use in: 7-10

Trophy Range to use in: 1600-4000

The Mass Dragon strategy is one of the more popular pushing strategies for the higher town hall levels. In my opinion this is the only strategy that can 3 star a town hall 2 above you. Usually, this strategy is only used for pushing as it is highly expensive and takes a long time to train.

180 troop space: 9 dragons

200 troop space: 10 dragons

220 troop space: 11 dragons

240 troop space: 12 dragons

3 spells: 3 rage spells

4 spells: 4 rage spells

5 spells: 4 rage spells and 1 heal spell

Step One: To guarantee this strategy will work you will need to find a town hall either the same or below yours. Make sure they have air defense (if possible on the outside of the base) and if the base has x-bows check if they are pointing at the ground.

Step Two: Check to see how many trophies this base has. If it has less than 27 trophies DO NOT ATTACK. It is not worth wasting your entire army for just 15 trophies.

Step Three: Once you have found you base, check which side the air defense is more concentrated on or is more upgraded. This is the side you will be attacking from. You want to knock out the air defense first, so they aren’t dragging your dragons down later in the raid.

Step Four: Place all your dragons down in a line from the side you have chosen to attack from. As soon as your dragons are touched down, drop 2 rage spells right next to each other so the dragons can knock out lots of buildings in the beginning.

Step Five: Watch the dragons go around the base. If an air defense seems to be killing off a lot of them drop a rage or heal spell to the closet hoard of dragons to the defense in order to ensure they destroy it before it can do anymore damage.

Step Six: As your dragons approach the Town Hall place your last rage spell to ensure that 2 star victory. Once you have dropped your last spell you can sit back and relax as your dragons destroy the rest of the base.

Step Seven: Celebrate! You have just gained +27 trophies in your raid, and it takes you one step closer to your goal!

I hope you guys enjoyed this guide. Mass Dragons is a very effective strategy. Use it well!

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