Attack Strategies: Balloonion

Town Hall to use in: 8-10

Trophy Range to use in: 2200-3200

Balloonion is a very popular strategies for pushing. It cost a lot of elixer, and time to train but Balloonion will get you at least the two star on lots of bases. As the name might suggest this is a mixture of Balloons and Minions.

200 troop space: 28 balloons and 30 minions

220 troop space: 32 balloons and 30 minions

240 troop space: 34 balloons and 35 minions

3 spells: 3 rage spells

4 spells: 3 rage spells and 1 heal spell

5 spells: 3 rage spells, 1 heal spell, and 1 freeze spell

Step One: Find a base that you can at least 2 star. If you are a Town Hall 8 you might want to only attack other Town Hall 8 or some rushed Town Hall 9s and 10s. If you are Town Hall 9 and see a Town Hall 8, attack it! You will get the free 3 star. If you are Town Hall 10 you might want to avoid the completely maxed Town Hall 9′s and completely avoid fellow Town Hall 10s. Keep an eye out for air defense, if it is weak make sure you take advantage!

Step Two: Look for a base that has at least 24 trophies available. It is not worth waiting an hour for the army to train and only getting 10 trophies out of it.

Step Three: Once you have found your base look where the archer queen is. If she is on the outside, deploy 10 minions to take her out. If she is more in the middle, just leave her alone and don’t waste valuable troops taking her out!

Step Four: Find which side the Town Hall is closer to. Since you are going for the 2 star you are going to want to attack from the side that the Town Hall is closest to.

Step Five: Deploy almost all of your balloons in a U-Shaped position. Save 5-6 in case you need to take out a couple more defenses. Almost as soon as your balloons have passed the walls drop two rage spells right next to each other.

Step Six: After you have placed the rage spells, spam 25 of your minions in as the same area as your balloons are destroying. These minions should kill the extra buildings and help you get that 50%.

Step Seven: Once your balloons are close to dying, place a heal spell to get them back to full health. If they are getting close to a wizard tower, or a multi target inferno tower drop your freeze spell (if you have it).

Step Eight: If you have still not gotten the town hall send in the rest of your balloons and then you minions and get that town hall destroyed.

Step Nine: Celebrate! You have just gotten +15 trophies to your push. Nice Job!


I hope you guys enjoyed this guide. Balloonion is a very effective strategy. Use it well!

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