Effectively Luring Clan Castle Troops

Clan Castle troops can be the turning point of a raid. If you don’t “lure” the troops out, the troops in the defender’s CC can take out yours in a heartbeat. Therefore, in order not to lose your raid, you need to know how to destroy the Clan Castle troops. The easiest way to do this is luring. Below I have listed the steps it takes to lure the troops.

Step One-  The first step to luring the clan castle is to activate the troops inside. This happens when a troops gets within the radius of the CC. Your troops have to survive a couple seconds in order to draw out ALL of the troops. Make sure all the troops get activated. The best troop to lure the CC with are hogs. Hogs can survive a while plus they go straight to the inside of the base. Obviously place your hogs as close to the Clan Castle as you can.IMG_0358.PNGStep Two- The next step to luring the CC troops is to place an archer on an outside building. Make sure this building cannot be targeted by any defenses. Doing this will bring the Clan Castle troops toward that archer in order to kill it. Then, without any defenses to target your troops, it will become a slaughter. IMG_0359.PNGStep Three- Once all the Clan Castle troops have been lured out by that archer, you then place archers in a circle around those troops. Doing this won’t actually kill the CC troops but it is distraction for your wizards or another more powerful troop to kill the CC troops without actually being targeted. The archers still do some damage.
IMG_0360.PNGStep Four- The final step in killing these hated foes is to surround the CC troops with wizards. This should happen right after Step Three, so that their troops are targeting your archers instead of targeting your wizards. Once again, place these in a circle around the CC troops, not all in one spot. If you place them all together, they will be one-shot by the opponents troops. After all the opposing troops are killed, you are free to start your raid!

IMG_0361.PNGNote: You don’t have to lure the CC troops if you are using one of the following strategies, since  the troops that you are using with kill the Clan Castle troops in the middle of your raid.

Mass Drags, Barch, Balloonion

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