The Push to Champion

Becoming a Champion is one of the ultimate goals of this game. 3,200 trophies is extremely hard to get to. The Champion league is made up of mostly Town Hall 10s and a few Town Hall 9s. Town Hall 8s are extremely rare. In general, 3 different strategies are used to reach this milestone.

Mass Drag: This is the most generic strategy. In most cases, if very devoted, a Town Hall 7 could reach Champion using this strategy. Its simple: Train all dragons and 3-5 rage spells depending on your spell factory. Spread your dragons in a U-shape or a line. Then rage spell them. Hopefully this earns a two star. It takes a while to train and is VERY expensive, however it is an almost fool-proof way to reach Champion as long as you are very active.

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Ballooion: This strategy is comprised of balloons and minions. In most cases, you need to be Town Hall 9 since that is the TH level when you unlock level 6 balloons which is a must if using this strategy. As well as level 6 balloons, you should probably have level 4+ minions as well. For 200 troop space train 26 balloons and 35 minions. 220 troops space should be 32 balloons and 30 minions. For 240 troop space use 32 balloons and 40 minions. Send in waves of balloons (7-10) to take out defenses while your minions “clean up”. This should make it easy to get a one star.

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GoWiWi: GoWiWi is made up of golems, wizards and witches. Obviously, you need to be Town Hall 9 to use this unless you have 2 witches in your clan castle (TH8s with level 4 CC). This strategy can easily get you a 3-star in high master as long as you use it correctly. Place your golems (2-4) then follow those up with wall breakers. Then deploy your wizards (15-30) and your witches (2-4). With good placement from your rage/heal spells (both work well) you should be able to get in the inner layer of walls.

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Hope the guide helps you guys get to Champion!

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