Basic Tips to Win Wars

Hey guys! Today, I really want to help you guys and share some really basic war tips with you. These will improve your wars by 300%, guaranteed! Read more in-depth war guides here and here.

Getting Good Members-

-Only recruit TH7+ and XP 50+

-Make sure everyone in your clan is active and has a mature base

-When new members join, ask what strategy they use in war

-Check their troops; make sure they are high level

Preparation Day-

-Donate wizards or witches to war castles

-Scout all enemy bases, maybe send a “scout” to their clan

-Coordinate attacks when your members, ask them who are they attacking

-If they say they are attacking too low, suggest a higher base

-Train your war army before war day begins

-Tell everyone to design a good war base with their TH inside their walls

War Day-

-Attack right off the bat, don’t wait around for others to raid first

-Hook your clan-mates up with whatever troops they ask for

-Give advice on how and where they should attack from

-Stay on a lot and make sure to cheer for people as they raid

-Congratulate your members after they successfully complete a raid

Attacking a Base-

-Good Clan War strategies: Mass Drag | GoWiWi | Hogs | GoWiPe

-Always make sure you have reinforcement troops and spells

-First, you need to lure the clan castle troops and kill them in a corner

-Make sure you aim to get the two-star; attack close to the Town Hall. If you get the three-star that’s great!

-Send in bad troops to clear traps


Success! If you follow these guidelines your clan war will be an easy victory and you will be on the way to many more. After war, kick out anyone who did not perform up to par and start recruiting new and better members.

3 thoughts on “Basic Tips to Win Wars

  1. Hey,would you like to join?


    We started just a week ago and we have 20 members.Anyone active can join and earn elder and co by donating.Though Indians we have no hesitation for foreigners.Reply for doubts


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