Efficiently Grinding Walls to Level 11

grinding, adj, “to produce in a routine or mechanical way

Walls are some of the most despised upgrades in this game. They are extremely expensive, with 1 wall costing as much as a building upgrade. Here are the costs for the most expensive walls.

Level 8 walls- 500,000

Level 9 walls- 1,000,000

Level 10 walls- 3,000,000

Level 11 walls- 4,000,000

Now obviously this isn’t cheap to completely max out walls. Each wall costs 8,821,200 to upgrade from level 1 to level 11. That means to upgrade 250 walls completely it would be an absolutely insane 2,205,300,000. In other words around 2.2 billion worth of resources. This is an irrational amount of loot, but I’m here to help you discover the best way to grind out these walls! Soon you can get your base looking like this!


Luckily for you, in September, Supercell released a new update that let walls be upgraded with elixir from level 7+. However, in the latest update they changed it to level 9+ walls. However, if you are looking to seriously grind walls this shouldn’t be an issue! If you read the definition above, you might have an idea of what to do. You want to upgrade these walls quickly and efficiently, hence the name of the post.

Note: this will take time; months, even years! Level 11 walls are nearly impossible to upgrade to, so I would recommend upgrading to them only when you have completely maxed Town Hall 10.

Since level 11s are pointless to cover, I will just be talking about how to go from all level 8s to all level 10s in less than a month. You can unlock level 9 and level 10 walls at Town Hall 9. Perfect because TH9 is one of the best “loot” Town Halls. It is easy raid for loot, you can do it pushing or farming.

Farming: This is what you should use if you don’t have a lot of time on your hands. Always have a barch army trained and ready to go by queuing your barracks. Only attack collector raids for 200k or more of each resource. The perfect place for these raids in around 1800 trophies. When barching, you can raid about every 20 minutes and if you get in 10 raids a day, that translates to 4 new level 9 walls. If you are a more active player, read the pushing category.

Pushing: Recently, it became possible to farm while pushing due to new win bonuses. Those win bonuses are how you will gain your loot. Train a balloonion army and push up to master. If you can go higher, even better! Keep in mind, every raid you win at master is an extra 200k resources along with the loot you win in that raid. Go for a 2 hour boosting period and complete around 10 raids. This will earn you 5 million in resources (give or take 1 million). If you go for 2 boosting periods—-> 10 million!!2015/01/img_0211.png

Major Tips:

-This will take a long time. Don’t get discouraged!

-Have little 2 hour raiding sessions twice a day.

-Use your gold and elixir wisely; only spend it on walls.

-Always know: this will help you in the long run!

-If need be, take a few days break from the game.

Well, that’s it guys! Hope I helped you learn how to grind your walls out. This will help you in the long run in war and in defense. Until later!

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