How Much are Wall Rings Worth in Clash of Clans

Wall rings are one of the newest magic items that you can win from clan games in Clash of Clans, but are they worth their cost from the trader? Here’s how much a wall ring is worth and if you should be buying wall rings from the trader in Clash of Clans.

Wall Rings Trader Clash of Clans

Wall Rings from Trader

When a wall ring is offered from the trader, it costs 400 gems to buy two of them or you can buy 5 wall rings for 900 gems from the trader. This equates to 200 gems each for the first offer and 180 gems each for the second offer. Let’s average the two costs and say each wall ring costs 190 gems to buy from the trader.

If you didn’t know, each wall ring doesn’t upgrade a wall itself. For higher level walls, you’ll need multiple walls rings in order to upgrade. Here’s the amount of wall rings you need for each level wall, in the home village and builder base.

Home Village Wall Rings Clash of Clans

Builder Base Wall Rings Clash of Clans

So once you get to level 9 or level 6 walls, the amount of wall rings really starts to shoot up. Level 8 walls in builder base cost a crazy 8 wall rings in order to upgrade.

To figure out if the wall rings are really worth it, we need to look at the cost of buying the gold with gems to upgrade the wall, as opposed to buying the wall ring with gems to upgrade the wall. Here’s a chart that tells how many gems it costs (to upgrade the most expensive wall in the group).

Home Village

  • Level 8 wall: 336 gems
  • Level 9 wall: 600 gems
  • Level 10 wall: 867 gems
  • Level 11 wall: 1133 gems
  • Level 12 wall: 1400 gems

Builder Base

  • Level 4 wall: 461 gems
  • Level 5 wall: 989 gems
  • Level 6 wall: 1307 gems
  • Level 7 wall: 1733 gems
  • Level 8 wall: 2267 gems

All these numbers look great, but what do they mean? Remember how I said that we will count each wall ring has 190 gems? Let’s see if it is more expensive to buy the wall rings or buy the gold for each respective wall upgrade.

The cost of the gold will be on the left, with the costs of the wall rings on the right. In parenthesis will be your gem savings by using wall rings.

Home Village

  • Level 8 wall: 336 gems for gold or 190 gems for a wall ring (savings of 136 gems)
  • Level 9 wall: 600 gems for gold or 380 gems for wall rings (savings of 220 gems)
  • Level 10 wall: 867 gems/570 gems (293 gems)
  • Level 11 wall: 1133 gems/760 gems (373 gems)
  • Level 12 wall: 1400 gems/950 gems (550 gems)

Builder Base

  • Level 4 wall: 461 gems/190 gems (271 gems)
  • Level 5 wall: 989 gems/380 gems (609 gems)
  • Level 6 wall: 1307 gems/760 gems (547 gems)
  • Level 7 wall: 1733 gems/1520 gems (213 gems)
  • Level 8 wall: 2267 gems/1900 gems (367 gems)

So it appears that wall rings really do save you a lot of gems in Clash of Clans. The best walls to use your wall rings (in terms of gem savings) are level 12 walls, level 5 walls, and level 6 walls. No matter what wall you use it on though, you will save some gems if you were to buy it with gold instead.

I wouldn’t recommend buying these wall rings still. It is much cheaper to buy training potions for free or 25 gems and attack many times to farm up this look instead of spending 8 times as many gems on a wall ring.

I hope that I gave you guys a lot of insight on wall rings and how much they are worth for each wall in CoC. Again, this isn’t the magic item to buy, even if it does save you gems. Thanks for reading and comment below what your favorite magic item in Clash of Clans is!

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4 thoughts on “How Much are Wall Rings Worth in Clash of Clans

  1. I think you may have made an error –

    Home base level 9 wall pieces cost 2 million to upgrade.

    Builder base level 5 wall pieces cost 1.2 million to upgrade.

    But according to your article, it costs more gems to buy the gold for 1.2 million than 2 million? Huh?

    Still, it was a good article for the number of rings required.



  2. to make 300 lvl 11 walls to lvl 12 useing the wall rings @ 5 rings per 900 gems, and buying the gems at the $99.99 chest of gems deal, this will cost close to $2,000.00 dollars!!!. 300 x 5 wall rings (900 gems) = 270,000 gems. Maybe COC should offer Gemmers a $500 (boat load) of (80,000) gems, (regular 70,000 gems) deal, along with a 25 (max capacity) wall ring special for 4,000 gems instead of 4,500 gems. Thereby reducing the gem cost to 240,000 gems at the cost of $1,500.00 dollars!!. As for me, i will grind out my gold and elixir while (either going over, under, or through those lvl 12 walls) and spending my 2,000.00 dollars on cold beer and steaks on the BBQ…clash on!!!!


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