Weekly Base Review #21

Hello once again guys! Today, I have for you the 21st weekly base review. We analyze the base design along with building level. Today I will be analyzing Manticore from the clan NFinity!

Clash of Clans TH9 Farming Base 2015

Good job with:

-Maxing Town Hall 9: Your base is looking great so far! All of your defenses are maxed, you’ve just

-Boastful Barracks: Great work on those barracks! They are completely maxed for Town Hall 9 besides one dark barrack!

-Base Design: Your base design is looking solid! I may actually have to use this to show off. Everything is covered and it looks good!

Needs improvement overtime:

-Walls: Your walls are pretty well upgraded, looks to be about 1/3 level 9s and 2/3 level 8s. Just keep working on the level 9s and then eventually level 10s.

Needs to be fixed ASAP:

-Hero Level: Your heroes are a combined 22. Try to get them both to 15, which I figure you are doing right now. Grind them out!

Favorite feature of base: The entire base! I love your base design, the mature TH9, EVERYTHING! Town Hall 9 is my favorite Town Hall level, and its fun to play out. Stay at TH9 for a while, while you grind out your walls and your heroes.


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